Cheers for the $6M Baseball Player

I don't exactly loathe sports as a waste of time, energy and money. But I have not managed to watch an entire event on television of any kind.

But honesty, who actually gets the money instead of the players in this case? The owners. And the players tend to be middle class or working people who happen to be excellent for a very few years. The owners are obscenely rich, have no particular talent, and keep most of the money.

I advocate much higher taxes on higher incomes. Progressive taxes.

I am all for class warfare. But I am against the ownership class who not only do not work, they don't play fair.

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The Lines Are Open!

We know the bailout came from the White House so we know it is all about politics.

If this bailout happens McCain will vote against it and BE THE MAVERICK. Obama will be the big-money tax& spend librul.(sic)

They aren't even selling the country down the river they are giving it away to float down the river in martini glasses.

Call Your Congressman!!!

I just called and the lines were completely open. So call already!

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Wrong On Gay Marriage: Obama, and everyone else

Obama: Marriage is a union between man and woman
Redwagon: Politics is the union of an idea and a strategy.

And our strategy in terms of communication is bad.

Once again, the left manages to get it perfectly wrong. Most of the progressives I know are clear-headed so why this foolish falling into the memes of the right?

Why would ANY liberal political say ANYTHING about marriage except this:

I support the freedom of religious institutions to define marriage as appropriate. I would NEVER support forcing an institution to perform ANY marriage with which they morally disagreed.

Why is this good?

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Unify This: Who is Off the Island

Some thing we can agreed to disagree because we are mostly unity. Let's see if are unified behind who we would toss of the Island and out of The Village. (I saw this as a most excellent question w/o poll on Sadly, No and had to bring it here. )

If you could kick one villager off the island who would it be? Now I am assuming that Judith Miller is, for all intents and purposes, off the island. So she is not here. And because alot of people did get furious at Olbermann I am including him, but I expect him to get few votes.

Ideally include a pointer with a comment on why your person deserves to be booted off the island. If you add a comment I will (assuming I can as I have never done so) edit the poll to include the Islander you most love to hate.

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Please Drink Your Orange Kool Elsewhere

So those of you who support Obama are offended that there are people who support HRC. So you find it necessary to write hateful diaries -- Clinton is a liar, Clinton is a racist and Clinton is destroying the party -- as your contributions to MyDD.  

I would like to have a blog to go to when I can be positive. Shockingly enough, it would be nice to have one progressive blog where one of the highly progressive candidates is not relentlessly bashed with right wing talking points. Obviously you have that for Obama with Big Orange. Why do you feel it is necessary to stomp out any HRC-positive space?

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