"I've got George Bush by the balls!"

I have never seen a family go to such great lengths to keep a old dictator from returning to his country even though only a prison cell awaits him there. President George H. W. Bush sent in nearly 30,000 troops to get him now the son George W. Bush has jumped in on the act by interfering in judicial process. Is he trying to coverup the sins of the father? There is an unmistakable pattern of intrusiveness that indicates that Noriega still has "Bush by his Balls" and is ready to squeeze them.
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A month before the 1988 Presidential election Panamanian Dictator General Manual Noriega warned Vice President and GOP Presidential candidate George H. W. Bush that he had evidence which would alter the outcome of the election. Then a short while later a video of a huge rally was frequently shown on TV with Noriega waving a machete and shouting "I've got George Bush by the balls!"


General Noriega's threats towards Bush worked because the CIA quickly halted their efforts to destabilize his regime. Vice President Bush had a 14 point lead over Dukakis yet he was worried enough about Noriega to ask President Reagan to have the CIA back off on it's plan of weakening the Panamanian leader but this was only temporary because 13 months later Bush invaded Panama just to get one man.

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President George H. W. Bush's Memorandum to Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney on the Arrest of General Manuel Noriega in Panama December 20, 1989

In the course of carrying out the military operation in Panama which I have directed, I hereby direct and authorize the units of the Armed Forces of the USA to apprehend General Noriega and any other persons in Panama currently under indictment in the United States for drug-related offenses. I further direct that any persons apprehended pursuant to this directive are to be turned over to civil law enforcement officials of the United States as soon as practicable. I also authorize and direct members of the Armed Forces of the United States to detain and arrest any persons apprehended pursuant to this directive if, in their judgment, such action is necessary.

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Now After nearly 20 years behind bars former Panamanian Dictator General Manual Noriega who is the only officially recognized prisoner of war currently held by the USA is scheduled to be released sometime next month. The  USA , Panama , and Noriega had already made arrangements regarding his release in 1999 when Panama formally requested his extradition on two murder charges which he plans to have overturned on appeal.

DEA Agent Rene De La Cova who arrested Noriega was busted himself 5 years later
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From out of nowhere President George W. Bush suddenly comes up with some bizarre plan to ship the 72 year old former dictator to France to face a charge of using 3 million dollars of laundered money to purchase a Paris Apartment. This is clearly a shady deal that has more to do with keeping Noriega silent than any 30 year old real estate transaction with the statute of limitations most likely expired. The last thing this failed administration needs is another scandal added to it's tainted record.

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Noriega's contacts with U.S. Intelligence services and the military go back many decades and cover so many conspiracies, scandals, convert actions and unsolved mysteries that only a satirist's eye could make the story credible. He may have been picked out by the C.I.A. As a nemesis (and possible successor) to Gen. Omar Torrijos, a problematic populist-nationalist who negotiated the giveback of the Panama Canal from Jimmy Carter and then was killed (along with everybody else) when his plane exploded in midair in 1981.

Noriega was up to his ears in Iran/contra and other scandal "gates" that involved the triangular trade of U.S., Israeli and Middle Eastern interests. He met with George Bush on two occasions and with several others in the White House entourage. According to journalists and government officials, he facilitated narcotrafficking for the Colombian cartels. He spied on Fidel Castro for the United States and vice versa. He gave covert aid to the contras and discussed expanding Panama's involvement in that sordid enterprise with Oliver North. There is no end to his multiple-dealing, double-agentry and value-free treachery. Many of the most intriguing revelations about Noriega were made in 1987 by a retired Panamanian colonel, Robert Diaz Herrera. Diaz accused Noriega of conspiring with the C.I.A. and U.S. Army in the death of Gen. Omar Torrijos.


March 2000

No parole for Noriega

Former Panamanian leader General Manuel Noriega has failed in an attempt to secure an early release from prison in the United States.

But the petition was turned down apparently after concerns were raised about the security risk his release could pose to the former US president, George Bush.


PANAMANIAN DICTATOR GENERAL MANUEL NORIEGA the U.S. command post for covert Latin American operations was once located in the what was then a US Territory the Panama Canal Zone. General Manual Noriega was heavily involved with U.S. intelligence operations for over 20 years in fact he had even been a graduate of the infamous US School of the Americas. which was located in Panama until 1985. Noriega first met with then CIA Director George H. W. Bush in 1976 however our Federal Government was already well aware of Gen. Manuel Noriega's involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering prior to their chummy rendezvous. Throughout the Reagan years, Noriega conspired with Oliver North on covert actions against Nicaragua, training contras and furnishing a transshipment site for CIA supported operations that flew guns to the contras and cocaine into the US.

Eventually Noriega refused to participate in further anti-Sandinista actions. In 1987, a Miami grand jury indicted him for drug-tradicking and the CIA tried to destabilize his regime.  CIA backed off, Bush renewed attempts to unseat his one-time ally. Critics called Bush's failure to support an abortive 1989 coup "indecisive," but his response to that criticism, the Dec. 1989 invasion of Panama, led to world condemnation. Noriega eventually surrendered to face U.S. drug charges, but under the guise of apprehending one drug dealer, the invasion led to approximately 5,000 Panamanian deaths and installed a regime with even closer links to drugs, plus a willingness to alter Panama Canal treaties to suit U.S. interests.


While searching for fugitive General Manuel Noriega,U.S. Southern Command chief General Max Thurman reported that Noriega's beach house contained 50 kilos of cocaine and evidence that he and his "brujas" were practicing Brazilian witchcraft on enemies like Ronald Reagan and Henry Kissinger. Noriega, rumored to be wearing red underwear to ward off the "evil eye," eventually took refuge in the Vatican Embassy and later turned himself in to U.S. Authorities to face prosecution on a 1988 U.S. Drug trafficking indictment. The U.S. Army later admitted that the beach house "cocaine" was really tamale flour.


Noriega's trial was hampered by the government's refusal to unfreeze $40 million in foreign banks which he needed to pay his defense attorneys. In addition, authorities  violated his civil rights by taping phone calls between him and his lawyers. Noriega's trial revealed the true extent of his role as a middleman between the U.S.-backed contras and the Medellin cocaine cartel, undertaken as a favor for his long-time CIA benefactors and proved embarrassing to George Bush as well as other Contra Cocaine thugs.


The invasion left the Panamanian economy in shambles. Damage is estimated at $1.5-3 billion, and though the U.S. Promised $420 million in aid, only one fourth of that had been delivered by the end of 1990. Nor has removing Noriega made a dent in Panama's drug trade. Illegal drug shipments through Panama are more abundant than ever, and President Endara is so far unwilling to weaken his country's bank secrecy laws.


Right Wing Scumbags were Happy to get the Gunboats back on the Panama Canal

The court ruling is today I sure hope Noriega can go home because he is a Sunday school teacher compared to those who put him in prison.

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