Killing Peasant Children & Destroying the Environment

Video of Peasant Children killed by US Government failed Drug War Policy

Plan Colombia's alleged goal is to eliminate coca crops yet it's only achievement outside of killing peasant children has been to destroy the fragile environment of the Amazon. This evil inhumanity is being financed with 2.3 Billion dollars a year of our hard earned tax dollars.


The spraying does not kill coca plants but contaminates and affects human beings and the rest of the crops. The US Governments Plan Colombia has been so successful at eliminating coca crops that there are more acres of coca today than there were before they started spraying the deadly poison 8 years ago.


Is this just a case of reckless fanatical drug warriors armed with deadly toxic herbicides or is it far more sinister than that. If we look back at recent history the answer lies there.


Over a decade before Plan Colombia we had almost identical program known as OPERATION SNOWCAP which was first started in Ronald Reagan's last term. Under OPERATION SNOWCAP we provided massive funding for the Military/Police to the nations of Colombia , Peru , and Bolivia. In all 3 of these countries the Military/Police used the so-called Drug War money we sent them to finance their ongoing repressive "Dirty War" campaigns against local left-wing movements. The major Drug Lords were left alone while migrant peasants and left-wingers were arrested and conveniently labeled as Narco-Terrorists.


USA Military "advisor" posing with Right-Wing Death Squad

The obvious intent of programs like Plan Colombia and Operation Snowcap have nothing to do with fighting drugs but instead have everything to do with legitimizing United States Government involvement in a civil war to protect its "interests" in Latin America. The USA "interests" are Colombia's vast largely untapped rich natural resources which includes OIL.  

 title=Colombian Oil Pipeline

Plan Colombia is a death sentence for us. [It] is a plan for violence. The money the United States is spending in Plan Colombia will go to protecting the international companies by purchasing arms, more sophisticated equipment, and to constructing military bases in the richest [resource] zones.

---- Roberto Perez, President, U'wa Traditional Authority, Feb 7, 2001


The Spanish Conquistadors came for Gold , Glory , and God while todays US Conquistadors come only for  oil using the failed War on Drugs as it's cover much like using weapons of Mass destruction as an excuse to go into the Iraqi oil fields. Just exactly like oil rich Iran is located next door to Iraq it's also very convenient for the US Military if they want to invade Venezuela's huge oil reserves since it's Colombia's next door neighbor. It's simple all they do is claim Chavez is supplying terrorists or allege that he's involved in the Cocaine business then use that as an excuse to invade. If you think it's far fetched it's already been done in Panama when Noriega was removed by military force under the Papa Bush regime for allegedly being a drug dealer.


 title=INCA KING


Inca Shaman Video

  We have no right to destroy ANDEAN CULTURE

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