Perez Hilton endorses Hillary

I know, this seems underwhelming at first.  But this guy has MILLIONS of readers and millions of hits everyday- and young people flock to him.  My sister goes there several times a day.

I was surprised to learn he makes about 8 million a year- you don't get that much money without some MAJOR traffic on your site.  He has been a staunch Obama supporters so this is very surprising- although the cracks starting showing after Donnie McClurkin. Being gay, he was majorly pissed off about it.  This is good news in that it might perhaps sway some of the youth who were undecided- I don't think he's a rolemodel in the least- but there is no denying his appeal and at this point and his popularity. port-hillary-clinton

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John Edwards to quit race

Wow. n_el_pr/edwards

DENVER - Democrat John Edwards is exiting the presidential race Wednesday, ending a scrappy underdog bid in which he steered his rivals toward progressive ideals while grappling with family hardship that roused voters' sympathies, The Associated Press has learned.

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Clinton: Obama was "Looking for a Fight"

As I said before, I noticed Obama looked tense when he came out last night.  People should replay the beginning to take a look at it.  While both Edwards and Clinton seemed relaxed and smiling, he seemed serious though did start smiling a little- I do think he had it on his mind from the beginning that he was going to start a fight at the first oppotunity.  Whether it was effective, I don't know- how the public sees these things to me are sometimes a mystery and either could have benefited from it.

This is a good item on Hillary talking about it- and also Barack making his points and both still going at it the morning after.

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Reviews coming in for Edward's Poor Debate Performance

John Edwards at the last debate earned much praise for his performance, even it did not really translate into votes  this time, reviews and comments are coming in for Edward's disastrous debate performance last night and it's not good.  

Here are samples- will this finish Edwards for good- only time will tell.  

This could very well be the beginning of the end.

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Hillary gets Rave Reviews for Debate Performance

The Reviews Are In: 'Her Most Commanding Performance,' 'Knocked Obama and Edwards Back'

DAVID GERGEN - HILLARY CLINTON SHOWED SHE IS 'PASSIONATE ABOUT WANTING TO BE PRESIDENT.' "You've got to be hungry for this, and Hillary Clinton is clearly hungry. She's passionate about wanting to be president. You don't have a sense that he [Obama] wakes up every day saying I'm going to take this away from her and I'm going to be president. You just don't have that sense of inner fire, that fire in the belly that we like to talk about in politics." [CNN, 11/15/07]


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Obama Transcript on today's 'Meet the Press'

Here is the transcript for 'Meet the Press' today with Obama

A definite must-read.  This is a tough show to go on- he spends most of the time on the defensive  He does have nice things to say about Hillary, which I appreciate, but every tough question is put to him- I'm not sure why people go on the show, they certainly get hammered all during it

Here are some samples of some of the questions, read the entire interview at the link or watch the show- it repeats again tonight.

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Hillary Bounces back on Rasmussen

From today's Rasmussen- ontent/politics/election_2008__1/2008_pr esidential_election/daily_presidential_t racking_poll

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Senator Hillary Clinton has bounced back. She is now supported by 44% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters, up from a recent low of 39%. Senator Barack Obama earns the vote from 19% while former Senator John Edwards remains at 15%. No other candidate tops the 3% level among Likely Democratic Primary Voters (see recent daily numbers).

The Democrats are more pleased with their candidates—73% offer a favorable opinion of Clinton while 67% say the same for both Obama and Edwards. Clinton’s numbers are down slightly from previous weeks, Obama is up slightly, while the numbers for Edwards are fairly stable (see history of favorable ratings for the candidates among all voters and among Democratic voters.

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Clinton Campaign returned Chinatown Money last Spring

I said I would wait until we heard from the Clinton campaign about the questionable Chinatown donations before I rushed to judgment on it and the Campaign has now answered questions about it.  

Those hoping it would be the "scandal" that brings her down should look elsewhere.

The following is from the New York Times today:

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Where is the John Edwards UPDATE?

On August 17th, an embarrassed John Edwards promised to take millions of dollars of his own fortune out of a hedge fund tied to subprime lenders who foreclosed on victims of Hurricane Katrina.  

"I will not have my family's money involved in these firms that are foreclosing on people in New Orleans," he told the Associated Press.  

It is now October and I have not heard one word about it since.  There is reason to be suspicious about if John did what he said.  For one thing, he acted surprised about this aspect of Fortress in August when in fact, he knew about it in May, several months before, as this article clearly shows- tent/article/2007/05/10/AR2007051002277. html

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