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    Has Obama done anything in the Senate to keep those Republicans blocking the bills all year long?  There has been a lot of "talk," but I have seen no action.  It's a bubble that will burst.

  • Maybe- but the pundits seem much more obsessed about Iraq and how we got there than voters are who seem more concerned about the economy and healthcare- so we'll have to see when they weigh in-  but I just don't think Iraq is the big deal people make it out to be anymore.  I think we're passed worrying about how we got in and are concentrated on how we get out- the constant blame-game on that I think is over-estimated.  

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    There have been week-long dips where Rasmussen was just out-of-whack and we all know how they miserably miscalculated the New Hampshire projections.  I'm not confident about Rasmussen and in fact, stopped going there after their polling data seemed faulty.

    And don't forget - many have already voted- I for one voted already in California for Hillary.

  • I thought they both did well.

    I think Hillary helped herself a lot by going back to the softer side of her, which seems regular people like more.  She went back to the "I found my voice" mode- which is appealing.

    She came out like a bulldog in South Carolina- yes, she was tough, hard as nails, but it comes across as caustic- although she might have to do that at times just because she's a woman and she needs to prove she can be as tough as a man, so maybe alternating the two is a good strategy.  My mother says she won't vote on a woman for President- she says a woman can't represent the office as well as a man.  Look, I know that's archaic and seems impossible in this day and age- but that mode of thought is still out there- not only among men but some women, as well- so Hilary being tough helps her at times, but I think the majority prefer her like she was last night.  Reading other message boards, there were SO MANY people saying they found they "liked" her when they had hated her before.  It's all such a fine line- I saw her changing some minds last night-  what will happen next Tuesday- I don't know, we'll see soon enough.

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    I think he has a nice wave and I do think it builds along and still is.  But Hillary has a wave on her own, it's bigger and stronger, it's not in the media or the pundits or on the internet, I think it's among the people, the voters, and we'll see that on Tuesday, I'm hoping.

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    Actually, it's been almost 95 percent pro-Obama but for some reason in the last week, Hillary has won over almost everyone with her speeches and platform.

    Just kidding- with two candidates left, it's about fifty-fifty, really, but anti-Hillary forces think anything over 20 percent is massively pro-Hillary.  I like this site better than KOS, it's more user-friendly and people are more civilized.

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    In other words, he gave you a "stump" speech.

  • Why wouldn't he?  Many a President has come from the Vice-Presidency.

  • That would be great because it would give all of us a degree of happiness- and I have thought about it- unfortunately, that's the only order I see it happening (Obama won't pick Hillary as his VP)and that will make some people less happy that others.

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    Great line from Waters- she needs to give that one to Hillary to say- it's a good zinger.

    There's a song from the Beatles- "Tomorrow Never Knows" and I think that sums up reaction from every debate.  I have no clue to how people will react to it.  Hillary won the focus group but that means little to nothing really- Edwards almost always won it and he's not on stage anymore.

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    What the hell- usually we get a few hours of CNN commentary- what do you want to bet they all hurried out to go to Hollywood parties?

    I did see this which made me happy:

    Senator Hillary Clinton’s responses caressed the CNN real-time reaction meter with consistently higher ratings than Senator Barack Obama all night long.

    http://themoderatevoice.com/media/tv-new s/cnn/17477/dem-debate-making-love-to-th e-real-time-reaction-meter/

    But it seems like they tied to me.  Since they say this will drag on after Super Tuesday- this won't be the last one, anyway, it looks like.

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    To be honest, at the moment, I hate him.  Whether that will pass in time remains to be seen.

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    He hasn't fooled me!

  • How many times if this going to be diaried?

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    You can't go after his character!  The guy was a POW, for goodness sake, and he's an old man. It will backfire.

    To win, we must make sure Americans know what their options are and stress that.  Do they want to stay in Iraq and do they want to get out?  Do they want to go back to the Clinton Economy or do they want to stay in the Bush one?  Those are the choices and they have to be made clear- to win, we have to do it on policy- there are clear differences.  That Americans aren't voting for McCain or Clinton or Obama- but the way forward- they are just the figureheads of the choices- I think that is the way to go.


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