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    That goes with I said about Kyle/Lieberman- though Obama ducked the vote (which will surely be brought up) McCain will say Obama won't protect us or our troops, he is weak on defense and national security and we're not safe with him as President.  I mean, I know people don't think about it, but we have REAL enemies out there.  Mcain is weak on the economy but Obama is weak on details about policy so it might be hard for him to convince people he knows what to do about it.  I personally think he's a weaker candidate than Hillary, who can talk policy points, the prosperous years of the Clinton White House, but also provide a counterpoint to McCain that she is also tough on defense.

    We'll get a peek of what America and Democrats are feeling on Tuesday- I don't believe the polls but I will certainly believe the Tuesday results.

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    Then why have they done everything to stop her from getting it?  I just don't buy it.  The Drudge Report has done everything in it's power to try to sway people from voting on her- he completely or doesn't even mention major gaffe's from Obama meanwhile the slightest negative news on Hillary he turns into blaring headlines- look, if they are that stupid that they are trying to get whom they could consider their best chance against in the election not even nominated to be in the GE, then it should not be that hard to beat such idiots.

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    Me, too- I'm not confident about these polls either- they don't mean that much but it's nice to see them.  If anything, they are a nice "valium" until Tuesday and we see some real results.

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    This is actually a great endorsement for him and I wish Hillary had gotten it.  I'm not sure how much newspaper endorsements influence people though,  the NY Times endorsement of Hillary before South Carolina seem to do nothing- as well as the Desmoine Register.  But this is still a great endorsement for him.

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    For all the hoopla surrounding it, I personally have never even got an email about him being Muslim.  And many critics thought she won the debate, why is it people always want to give credit to something else about her status in the polls other than people might like her- it always has to be "negative," as if she could not possibly do it on her own.  I think Obama has even has gotten some sympathy votes for whining over and over again he is the "victim" of people saying he is Muslim- he certainly on occasion plays it to the "hilt."

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    Michelle was on the Board of one of Wal-Mart's biggest vendors.

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    As I've said before, I hate him.  If he gets the nom, he'll lose and maybe Hillary can get the nom in 2012.

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    I'm never sure when people vote- but she has managed to win in the past and I think she will win.  We'll see.

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    I think big endorsements would have to be at least by tomorrow- Sunday people just won't be paying attention and Monday many might miss it.  Surely most are making up their minds right now.

  • I'm from Cal and have already voted.

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    Any woman would probably hurt besides Hillary- and it has taken her years to get people to accept her.

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    I don't believe too much in the polls but I do like seeing the ones that have Hillary ahead, even if I am not convinced of the accuracy.

  • Talk about typical misleading.  That Gore article has not one shred of indication that Gore is going to endorse- in fact, it plainly says he says he won't- it just gives a bunch of reasons that he should.

    And yeah, democrats should be led to the Drudge Report to get their news nowadays.

  • Yes, I voted today for Hillary.

  • This from the guy who would not even show up for the moveon vote in the Senate.  Honestly, most were already going to vote for him, but moveon members are pretty radical- those who like Hillary will still vote for her, so I don't see it helping him that much.


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