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    In every election, there will be some people who say crazy things.  This is a country where about 20 percent believe in UFO's and people being abducted by aliens.  Since most people in USA believe in God, she should just think that God is changing her vote for her.  After all, He moves in "mysterious ways."

  • Agree totally- I mean, there can't be a more hostile moderator to her than Tim Russert or Chris Matthews so why not go on FOX?

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    It's funny, isn't it- how if you lose the Presidential race as one of the two contenders, you seem to fade away into oblivion- Gore has been the exception to this.  Kerry has been fighting hard against this but it looks like a losing battle.

    I remember that race and it seems Bob Dole did not want to win.  It seemed he was pushed into it.  But I'll never forget the debate with him and Clinton and gay rights were brought up- he looked annoyed to even have to discuss it- you could have heard a "pin" drop, the crowd was so silent- it was still one of those subjects you just "did not talk about."  People can say what they want about Bill, but he was the first President to say positive things about gays against both Bush and Dole- and let me tell you, there is no clapping back then like you heard during the Democratic debates- even the audience was uncomfortable about it.  And people saying he threw us under the bus makes me angry because he was the first to talk about us as if we were actually human like everyone else.

  • I just can't imagine the Shriver endorsement would have any pull.  This "First Lady of California" is a bunch of bull- she's been practically invisible since Arnold took office- she hasn't been in the spotlight for years.  

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    No use fighting about this- we'll know by the end of the day.

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    I can't stand her after her comment about she didn't know if she would support Hillary if she was the nominee.

    She was the board of a major vendor of Wal-Mart and quit a few days after Barack said he would not shop at Wal-Mart.  Then he had the nerve to say Hillary was on the board at that debate- but now I think I know why- I think he mentioned that because his campaign knew it was going to push the Wal-Mart story this week before Super Tuesday and the unions and what-not- thought it came and went pretty fast and no one cared.

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    Throw you lot in with a "crook" and you might be able to get a mansion, too.

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    Don't trust the media for anything about Hillary.  The numbers tomorrow will reflect the reality of the situation, good or bad.  Something must be done about the media in the next election- and I just know they are going to be trying to influence people to vote for McCain.  They will sway people- we're going to have fight against them hard no matter who the nominee is.

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    I live in LA and it was a terrible day yesterday, it was storming and raining and the weather was awful except there was sunshine half way through and it was a nice California day for the 2nd half.  Would it be terrible of me to say I hope Oprah got the flu from being there?  Yes, that would not be nice, I admit, so I won't say it.

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    This was really great, genuine and touching.  Thanks for writing it.

  • I'm watching it now- it's been good.  Anyone not voting on her is crazy.

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    I don't even want him on the VP ticket anymore, so I hope if she wins, he's off it.

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    So these are the "new gays," huh?  Well- I don't like them.

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    Yeah, I think he should be a little more vocal- I think they fell for the media meme he hurts her, but I still don't think that is or was the case.

  • Well, I'm scared and I'm not kidding.  It's just that life is strange and anything can happen and the damn media is doing everything they can to stop her and depress her supporters.  We'll see what happens.


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