• His "bumper sticker" schtick is already getting "old."  Soon, his "it's a bumper sticker" will be on a bumper sticker.

  • comment on a post Clinton Has 18 Point Lead In New Florida Poll over 7 years ago

    This country can finally get back on track if Hillary is President.  She will bring dignity back to the White House and back to America.

  • comment on a post Edwards Leads Clinton By 4 Points In North Carolina over 7 years ago

    John Edwards could not even help win his home state in the last election so it does not surprise me that even the Democrats in his state only pick him by a small margin.  With his hypocritical stance on poverty while getting $400 haircuts and living in mansions and his penchant of handing opponents perfect opportunities to come back at him making him look uninformed and stupid by saying things that he doesn't know what he is talking about- he would be a disaster as the Presidential nominee.

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    Why would anyone be terrified of John Edwards?  He has no chance of winning.

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    Edwards is an idiot- it doesn't matter if he read it or not- there is no way he is going to get the nomination so just let him keep saying anything he wants to. It's not like he can actually get elected, so why bother?

  • Can supporters of his just give me the money they plan to give to him- I mean if they are just going to throw it out the window (which is what they are doing considering he can't possibly win)  At least if I spend it, something tangible will come out of it. After his disaster campaign, he won't have anything to show for it- it will all just be "gone."

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    Whoever wrote that should not be writing anymore- it is so ungenuine and "pod" like- it's kinda scary- which is not the effect I think they are going after.

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    I thought it was a pretty petty observation on Edward's part and it seems like he is grasping at straws to make himself look good and it backfired.  Making a big show out of how they were going to vote would have changed nothing and they knew that so making a proclamation out of it beforehand would just be "posturing" and fake- and being a fake is right up Edward's alley so it's no wonder he wanted it of them.

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    Edwards made a fool out of himself last night, and not for the first time.  His "I don't know what a rich person is" to his desperate attempts to attack Hillary and Obama made him look stupid.  If course, it's all-or-nothing from him- it's not like anyone who wins will ask him to be Vice-President considering he has shown how worthless he is in that regard by not even being able to win his own state in the last election. His "I was wrong" schtick is getting old- and criticizing Obama and Clinton for not making a show out of their recent votes made him look petty.  He has no chance of winning and the sooner he realizes that, the better.


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