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    I've never understood what the Republicans see in him that they think he should be President- I can't think the way they do, which is warped and blind to the obvious.

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    She is the creepiest because she has the ability to raise a campaign considered dead and slams the coffin lid on those who run against her- now THAT'S SPOOKY.

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    Well, Obama is now crying and whining it was a mistake, so I guess they both don't deserve to be in politics.

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    I thought he was acting desperate when he attacked Obama and Hillary in the debate but this is a new low.  He was worthless as the Vice-Presidential candidate in the last election not even being about to bring in his home state and also by letting Cheney get the better of him in their debate yet he thinks he is the one most likely to win the general election.  As they say, pride comes before the fall.

    What is funny is that he actually thinks he is in the running with Obama and Hillary when many people have already written him off and some have even stopped including him in polls.  Talk about delusional!

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    How can he care about poverty when he doesn't even care about how he spend his contributor's hard-earned money?  That is some people think, and rightly so.  Or is he so out-of-touch with the common person that he thinks everyone pays that much for a haircut?  I'm sure most of his rich friends do.  And then hearing he charged $55,000 for a speech on poverty!  It all just reeks of hypocrisy.

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    Yeah, we see where apologizing for the war has gotten John Edwards.  He's trailing far behind Clinton in the polls, who didn't.  And maybe what she says is actually true, so why should she lie about it just because of some strategy of Edwards to try to force her to just because he has.  If Edwards wants to, that's fine but it doesn't mean she had the same thinking process that he did.  If you think she gets bashed for not apologizing, it would be much worse if she did.  As I've said before, people might admire someone for saying they were wrong, but they don't want to vote on them for President.  That's been a miscalculation on his part.

    Hillary is not going to be some "war" President.  To me, that's ridiculous.  If she becomes President, that alone is enough to sustain her- she won't be waging wars just to prove she's not weak- she will do what is best for the country because she is smart enough to know it is better to be perceived as weak than incompetent .

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    I'm happy with the progress that Hillary is making.  It's always nice when it's your candidate who is leading the polls, although I don't too put too much faith in polls- especially since it is still so early in the game.  In my lifetime, the only candidate for President that I voted for that actually won was Bill Clinton.  Hopefully, I can finish out with another one- Hillary!

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    Great news for Hillary as she continues to dominate.  She also gets the biggest bump if Gore is not included, which many naysayers have said would not benefit her much.  I am glad that people are not buying into the "she's not electable" accusation that people use to try to get people to drop her for another candidate.  Hillary is the best candidate to go against the Republicans in the general election.  Although I have to admit, I like Obama alot as well and he is still a formidable candidate.  

  • Oh sorry that there are actual Hillary supporters on here- all those people who are voting for her in the lead have to be somewhere, you know- and guess what- some of us even go on the internet!  Fancy that.

  • This is great.  People can see that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and best choice for President and they rally behind her.  She is leading in the polls, deservingly so, and she will make a fantastic President- someone who can mend the damage that the Bush administration has caused and she will help make America great again.  Hillary and Bill will return our country to where it should be.

  • I, too, would like to see Bush and Cheney punished for their crimes but saying they are worse than Hitler is going way too far.  About sixty million people died because of his war and when he invaded Russia, he had no intention of letting hardly any of them live if he had won. There were millions of people in concentration camps being starved and brutalized to death.  We've had people die in our "prisons" but it does not even begin to compare with the amount of people who were out-and-out murdered in those camps, millions of them.  We invaded Iraq but Hitler invaded almost every country in Europe.  There's a big difference between Hitler and Bush/Cheney.

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    I'm a Hillary supporter and I am fine with Obama doing that and I would never hold it against him.  I don't think anyone could envision that Lieberman would go as far as he has in the things he has done of late.  I certainly don't think it's fair to blame Obama for anything that Lieberman has done.  I'm sure he is just as horrified as the rest of us.

  • Many gays and lesbians?  What? Did they have a sign on them?  Or did they come up and say "Hi, I'm Joe Schmoe and I'm gay."

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    It's pretty much over for Edwards and no amount of begging people to look at him is going to work at this point.  He has a slim chance of turning things around in the next debate but he will have to pull out all the stops to make people notice him again.  That would be nothing less than a miracle but stranger things have happened.  At this point, he's pretty much out of the game except for some vocal supporters who refuse to face the reality of the situation.

  • People are blind where Reagan is concerned, they always have been, no stain is going to stick on him.  People believe what they want to believe and they will always make excuses for him.  I accepted that a long time ago and am just glad that era is over.


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