• Edwards is an opportunist, pure and simple.  The person who John Edwards helps the most is John Edwards.  This is shameless but people aren't being fooled by him and soon he will be out of the race altogether- and not a moment too soon.

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    I know- reading about those people who just died- it is a tragedy of epic proportions.  Growing up, I heard about the Vietnam war but never would I have thought something like this could happen to the people of my generation- it felt like once you were past something like that, lessons were learned.  I hate being a part of these "times"- history is going to reflect so poorly on us.  Future American are not going to think very highly of us- but I did what I can- I always voted and spoke out against all of this- we've been dragged down by others.  It's not a great time in our hstory.

  • I'll give him credit.  I actually like him a lot, I just like Hillary more, that's all. I think he's a fantastic leader and I would be proud to have him as our President.  I have great confidence in Hillary but I'm not anti-Obama at all. Edwards, on the other hand......

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    For some people, it IS.  They'll think she's the anti-Christ he's talking about.

  • Rudy probably plans to make up for the difference by hugely raising his fees after his Presidency. It's an investment in his future.

  • Thank goodness there are people like you around to clear up these imbalanced and misleading attacks on Hillary Clinton.  

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    I really like Obama but he has had the misfortune of going up against one of the great leaders of our time- Hillary Clinton. Not only will she get the Democratic nomination, she is going to be a great President.  But Obama is young and I will continue to follow him and one day I am confident he will get his real chance at the Presidency and I will be there to support him.

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    It's a way to become President.  The question is if he really cares about poverty or is just using that as a way to become President.  Sometimes money is not enough- people want "power" and not much is more powerful than holding the office of President.

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    I am happy she is ahead in the polls but that's not been why I support her.  I do honestly, like she has said, believe she is the best suited to take on the republican hit machine- she's been through it before.

    There's really not that much difference, again like she has said, between the democratic candidates.  She did vote yes in the Iraq vote but it's not like she is for the war now like the republicans.  I will vote democratic no matter who takes the nomination and I will support them.  I don't really understand those who support Edwards or Obama who say they won't vote for Hillary if she gets it, no matter what, especially considering their positioins are all so much alike.  This isn't "American Idol"- where people say "I'm not voting for yours since mine got voted off."  I mean, this country is at stake here- we all hold positions that are very much alike- to leave our country at risk to follow the same disastrous direction we have ben taking because of a personal "grudge" seems to me the height of selfishness.

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    Yeah, like I am going to give money to Edwards to spend on $400 haircuts and trips to a salon.

  • They have already interviewed many times the biggest beneficiary- Edwards himself.  This guy is so fake, I'm very happy he keeps getting exposed for what he really is.

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    I really think the Democrats did not know if Americans would stand them cutting off the funds but after they bowed to Bush on it and the polls showed American confidence in Congress had fallen sharply, they now know Americans support as drastic a step as they have to do to end this war as soon as possible and they won't be making that mistake again.

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    You know, I thought the winning song was another song called "You and I"- I had never heard this song by Celine called "You and I"- I had voted on "One" by U2- but now that I have heard the one by Celine, I like it alot and think it is perfect for the campaign.  This idea has been a great success from start to finish.

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    The democratics in poll after poll so far have shown that Hillary is the candidate they want most to represent them in the election. They have the intelligence and foresight to see that she is the best candidate, no matter how loud these people against her get.  If they want to go against her- then they can go ahead- take their best shot because she is going to show she can survive and beat her opponents in the general election after she does the same thing to the ones in her own party.

  • Sorry- I put this in the wrong section- really, I did- and I don't know how to erase it- although it's a good point regardless..


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