• Hmmm.... criticize Edwards and your comment disappears.  I've had almost all my comments on him gone- meanwhile the most vile vicious stuff about Hillary stays up- obviously you can say anything you want about her- no matter if it is true or not- plus you get to make attack diaries on her and God forbid a praising diary of hers goes up- the other day at one point, every single recommended diary was on Edwards- there is a lot of unfairness going on here.

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    I respect Obama and I think he would make a great President.  I just think Hillary would make a better one- but if he beats Hillary, he will have earned it.  If he gets the nomination, I will be disappointed that Hillary did not get it, but  I will congratulate the Obama supporters, and then I will join them.

  • Thanks for debunking this- this truly shows that she is very much competitive in this aspect.  I  do think it's her use of the internet that has helped alot- she has the groundbreaker on that.  As the youth see her more and more on TV and in the debates, I feel they will be drawn to her even more.

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    This is madness.  Now Bill is getting attacked, as if he is Hillary.  I wonder if the republican candidates' supporters attack each other like the democrats do, for it is getting pretty vicous.

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    I'm very excited about this debate.  I must have watched the last one at least 20 times.  If Biden starts almost yelling again, I will have a bad impression of him.  I want Richardson to sound less scripted than he did before.  Edwards, I think, needs to be aggressive again to gain an edge- let's see if he can do it without it backfiring this time.  So many are pushing for Obama to be more aggressive toward Hillary so it will be interesting what he will do this time.  It will be interesting to see how Hillary handles the pressure of everyone going after her- I would like her to seem more believable, more like it's coming from the heart instead of a canned response.  The rest I wish would already leave the race before the debate even starts.

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    This is a terrible thing to say and why people keep putting up with it, I don't know.

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    Clinton in office would have an advantage right from the start in dealing with those in the middle east.  As all the candidates have declared that repairing our relations with the rest of the world is one of the most important things the next President has to do- with Hillary, that groundwork is already prepared and she can leave the gate running where that is concerned.  It would be a tremendous plus in mending relations as soon as possible.  And having Bill by her side would make it doubly effective.

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    No, hitting back hard would be to open his books and say "See- I have nothing to hide," if this is how he reacts to accusations, he will be easy prey to the Republicans if he was nominated.

    He says:
    Last week The New York Times ran a story suggesting that it was wrong for John to have spent the last three years raising awareness of poverty and advocating for solutions.

    They did no such thing- they implied it was wrong to have a center whose sole purpose was to alleviate poverty and use funds from that to go to Iraq and Foreign policy seminars as well as concentrating travel to alot of early-primary states.

    And no one attacked John because he was rich.  They attacked John because he was having his contributors pay for $400 haircuts and salon trips and those contributors most likely AREN'T rich. And not to mention being part of a hedge which contributes to the gap in poverty instead of alleviating it.

    If he is as honest as he claims to be, he should open his books and let people see how "honest" he is.

  • In the campaign song montage- you actually see Hllary marching in the gay pride parade-


    I'm sure the "haircut" incident has hurt Edwards badly- not that he got one that expensive but that they were charged to the campaign.  People think twice about giving after something like that- it is hard to recover from something like that because that incident hasn't really gone away- even his joke about it doesn't ring true- he says in this country one can go from a miner's son to paying $400 for a haircut- but he didn't pay for that haircut, it came out of the pocket of his contributors.  Though obvously he paid it back but the damage was done- that is the single worst thing that has hurt him, I think

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    Great news for Hillary.  It seems like she will have plenty of money to run the campaign she wants to and that's important.  Go Madame President!

  • Are you this desperate to bash Clinton that you are sifting through videos on her site finding any little detail you can to put a negative spin on it?  Dr. Angelou knows very well that video is up saying it is endorsing Hillary for President.  If she didn't, people like you probably ran and told her the first minute it went up.  Maybe- just maybe- all these people feel Hillary WILL make the President.  Yes, it's true, there are actual people out there who feel that- go look at the national polls- she's LEADING and no one's arm was broken forcing them to vote for her.  The majority of democrats feel Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to become our next President.  If you want your candidate to become President, why not talk up their ideas and direction for the country that you feel sets them apart from Hillary and are better for the country than resorting to some petty attack on Hillary that only makes you- and therefore the one you like- look foolish, bitter and beneath the integrity of running for the office of President.

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    Edwards is wrong about the others not being electable.  The latest Newsweek poll shows Hillary ahead of all leading republicans so she has made gains in that area.

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19373524/sit e/newsweek/

    To say they can't get votes in certain parts of the nation is just racist and sexist to me.  We'll never elect a woman or African-American with that kind of talk and attitude and I don't believe that anyway.  But you know what?  Edwards can't get votes in certain parts of the nation either- those states that can spot a self-serving hypocrite when they see one.

  • Perhaps he is all that but he did not make a great impression on me in the last debate.  I was especially annoyed when he seemed to not answer the question and go into something else instead- it felt manipulative.  He is going to have to do a lot better in the next debate because he did not feel Presidential to me at all.

  • Well someone must be listening to her because she has 80% favorably viewed by democrats and is leading in almost all the natonal polls.  If she is getting that without listening to her, maybe Edwards and Obama should try not talking and their numbers might go up.

    Great poll.  I love her favorably viewed numbers and she has a nice lead- people are responding to her campaign in a big way.  It is really seeming more and more like it's her race to lose at this point.  I can't wait for Thursday's debate.

  • So much for him endorsing Edwards.  I trust Obama a lot more than I trust Edwards.  We'll just see how much Edwards cares about poverty once he loses the nomination.  Watch- it'll be "zilch."


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