• Last night, I thought the same thing.  I actually started bemoaning the fact he might be the VP pick- he was terrible last night and I don't see him getting much better before the general election.

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    I've never doubted his support is real, but I do think people are romanticizing his presence.  Once he actually got in the race, the same criticisms he once got will start up all over again- it won't be as easy as people seem to be thinking.  At any rate, I don't think he will run.

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    I've read so many of these reviews and of course, am thrilled Hillary is getting so many raves.  I am perplexed that Obama is getting less than enthusiastic comments from many of the writers- I thought he did really well.  He had a different kind of pressure than the others because of the nature of it so I'm going to give him a bigger break on it for this particular debate.  But even so, I felt he really connected and thought he did just as well as Hillary.  I'm surprised at some of the things people are saying.

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    This is fantastic news but it's still such a long way away and so many things could happen- people do have a good point about that and being honest, they are right about that though it's looking so incredibly good at this point- but still, I don't want to take anything for granted.  Onward!

  • I saw this and I thought it was such a great idea!  She is really taking a lead in innovative ways to use the internet- and I like it that these ideas just keep coming- they are not resting on their laurels for a second- they are just doing more and more and they are really clever about it.

    Just a great idea!  Of course being a Hillary supporter, my comments usually only last a minute or so before disappearing- but great job, team Hillary!

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    Go Hillary!  You're on your way to the White House!

  • Yeah I wonder how important those "negative" numbers will be now that their candidate is getting them.  I have a feeling suddenly negative numbers will be "meaningless."

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    I'm glad he won a poll.  All the ones I've seen say Hillary won- some articles quote Hillary and Obama and don't even mention John Edwards at all in reviewing the night.  He must have made quite an impression.

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    I think they are both really good- each have different styles but both impress me.

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    You must not care much about your candidate winning- you seem to care only about Hillary losing which is sad.

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    Please tell me you only wrote all that to get a laugh.

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    This is great news for Obama and I congratulate all his supporters.  He's really a fantastic fundraiser and this only goes to prove how he has connected deeply with so many who have heard him.  He is a force to be taken seriously and will give Clinton a challenge on how to deal with him.  As a Hillary supporter I am confident she will win but I am not bitter and jealous about his having raised more money than she has- I will not be writing diaries like "Why I am against Obama"  or "Obama would make a terrible President" or "Obama committed a felony!"-  I like Obama and want it to be a fair fight without having to resort to mud-slinging and misinformation- it's beneath me to sink that low.

  • Oh, yes God forbid that anyone looking at the front page will actually see poll diaries about who is actually winning this contest.  Maybe you can actually convince people that Hillary is not even running to get more votes for the other candidates, candidates who Hillary is smoking in the polls at the moment. Or maybe just let them read the recommended diaries since they are all about John Edwards.

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    We've known her polling numbers on who will not vote for her for awhile.  Hillary supporters didn't drop her then, we're not dropping her now, and we won't be dropping her in the future.  We are confident her unfavorables will go down as she gets seen and heard in the debates and on her campaign.  And obviously democratics think she can overcome this because she'got a big lead over the other democratics in almost every poll out there on who they want to nominate as their President.

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    Thanks for the diary- yes, there are those of us who are Hillary supporters who appreciate it- Hillary did better than I thought she would, actually, she did a great job.  I thought Obama did really well, too.  He has a special way of "connecting" to the audience- I always feel like he is talking to "me," in a real conversation, he's very personable and I bet seeing him in person is as every bit of electrifying as people say. But I was very proud of Hillary and I think her numbers are about to go even up some more after this.


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