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    All along he's acted like a child, so why should this time be any different?  I had the same thought myself when I read it- crybaby runs to others asking what to do.

  • Yeah, and Ted was probably with them when they all woke up together....

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    I just disagree.  As part of a minority group, I know it takes just a few leaders to come out and say "Look, we're not mad at it, you should not be either, trust us" and we follow their lead on it.  That's all that needs to be done on this as well- the general election is still a lifetime away.

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    We could frame it as one democratic political dynasty upset that another is about to overwhelm their own legacy by having both husband and wife be Presidents and it's a matter not just of politics but of jealousy.  That could throw off the conversation of the details of Obama's campaign and turn it into just tabloid fodder that has less of an effect.  In fact, I have already seen a headline just like I'm describing.

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    It will be hard to get a truthful estimate of that because part of the strategy against Clinton is that she should not be voted on because the other supporters won't vote on her in the General Election- even Obama has spread that.  I also think Republicans go on comment sections and pretend to be democrats to scare people by saying they are "lifelong" Democrats but will vote on the Republican nominee if she is on the ballot.  It's a "tactic"- obviously some of it is true- but I think most of it is over-blown and it will be hard to get people to admit they would vote on her because it's part of the campaign strategy against her.

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    That is an outrageous allegation.  It was Bill Clinton who did it.

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    Hillary needs to this to blunt Obama's strategy.  I have to admire him, though, he really is fighting for it pretty hard- he knew he had to deliver a great speech when he won SC- and from what I hear, he did.  These endorsements are sort of a rocket effect- both Kennedy endorsements- now Toni Morrison- although truthfully- Ted is so liberal I don't think anyone actually thinks he thinks about the "being able to win" angle- Toni is good, but Hillary does have Maya and Maya trumps Toni- but that's just tit-for-tat-

    Hillary needs to make tomorrow an "event"- if she does that- and does good in the debate, I think she will be okay.

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    There was an itemn that said his aides said they didn't expect him to win any primaries- so I don't know what he is doing- obviously, if he still has money, he will carry on.  He's positioning himself for something, but I have no idea- I think the idea of him being "kingmaker" is now not expected- so what is he doing?  I don't like it- I can see him teaming back up with Obama to hit Hillary hard at the next debate to try to knock her off- I'm sure both Obama and Hillary have offered him Attorney General- there are reasons to join either sides- the lobbyist issue could bring him to Obama but the "Universal Healthcare" could being him to Hillary.  I don't know- he's a "wild card" in this- as for winning- NO- he has no chance and had to win Iowa just to be able to start on the path to a victory- But Obama hit him hard and knocked him over at the last minute with the 527 accusations.  But no-definitely not- he can't win- he knows this now, though- he has morphed his campaign into getting something else and not sure what it is at the moment.

  • Hillary is driving a "tank"- no one is bumping her off the road.  This theory will go the way of all your other theories- maybe the next one can involve Martians or vampires since they seem to get more and more ridiculous as we go along.

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    Yes.  At the start, there was discussion about how amazed that AA voters there were not really considering race- sometimes Clinton was up, sometimes Obama, but it was split.  I had enormous respect for that and even commented I didn't know if I could separate it if I was in the same situation- and they were amazing to do that.  To win, Obama played to their weaknesses and biases- he played the "Oprah" and "race" card and they flocked to him.  It made him win, but in the process, he has set race relations backwards and their votes are now discounted as just a vote for their own race, which is sad- because if it had been more even-handed, there would have been a much more tremendous amount of respect given to the community.

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    We'll see how it plays out.  I think the average voters knows Obama started it.

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    Great diary!  Ignore the "evil forces" at work to destroy and distort so Romney can be President.

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    ARG is awful- they are the ones who had Clinton way up in Iowa before the vote- you might as well snatch the numbers blindfolded out of a hat.

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    The first part was serious- the 2nd part wasn't- and I really don't care if you're irritated or not- now that part is serious as well.

  • Let's face it, it's all a "game."

    He has taken good advantage of his SC win.  He knew he had to make a rousing speech, and with the Kennedy endorsements, he will grab some momentum back-  Hillary has a chance to blunt all of that in how she treats a Florida win- she has to make a big even out of it somehow- and that will deflate Obama's tires going into Super Tuesday.


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