• This man did not kill himself because of a media helicoptor.  He obviously had major problems which led him to do it.  I'm no fan of FOX NEWs, but following chases like this have been a part of these news channels for decades- some provide a real service of alerting those in the area to stay away, they often become dangerous and crashes occur.  The responsiblility lies with the criminal, not the media.  So the police lost him, does that mean he should have gotten away?  Should Fox News have said, "The police lost him, so we should just leave him alone too and stop following him and call it a day...."  If they did that, and this man ended up killing people later, you'd be calling FOX NEWS 'murderers' then too.  Let's don't get too caught up in trying to demonize people.  They had a responsiblity as citizens to keep following him.  This man had a gun, for goodness sake, he was obviously unstable.

  • It's fairly obvious that baby is his so he had to still be cheating on her after March 2007.

  • I don't think the party insiders had anything to do with the interview.  ABC News went to him and told him they were going to run the story and they had their own facts about it and he did the interview to head them off and twist it his way- that's why he did the interview.

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    You know, I was totally wrong about Hillary winning the nomination but I pegged Edwards right- he was 100% hypocrite.

    Don't look for him to come clean voluntarily.  He went kicking and screaming to that interview- and when he was there, everything he told were NEW lies.  I don't think he knows how to tell the truth.  There will need to be a federal investigation on his campaign finances- he'll tell the truth under oath- but that's the only way you'll get it.

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    No, I think he is in a good spot.  He's ahead but not so much that "overconfidence" will come in and he will rest on his laurels.  I think he knows what he is doing.

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    Unless both are on the ticket- there are going to be many people pissed off- probably enough to hand McCain the election.

    How that can happen, to get them both on to the satisfaction of both- I don't know- doesn't seem likely right now- I think we're doomed to have a McCain presidency.  It makes me really sad.

  • I don't know- If Obama gets it but if Clinton is in reach if she had MI and FL, then it will be seen as a "stolen election" and will cause friction.

    But I don't see Obama backing down or agreeing to VP right now.  I would like that ticket, though- but I'm afraid we will be fighting it out to the end- I don't see either giving in and I don't see Hillary not demanding that FL and MI count- it's going to be a mess.

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    I hope she wins in the end- unfortunately, I have to get back to the "real world" and won't be able to come here as much.

  • I personally never dismissed his money advantage- obviously it is a plus.  But as Mitt proves, money can't buy the nomination.

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    California has always been Clinton Country- it would be very hard for anyone to beat her here.  These celebrity endorsements mean zero here because we see celebrities all the time so Oprah just wasted her time- this isn't South Carolina.

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    Great diary- although it's hard to control the emotions.

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    Don't count the Clintons out- she's not just going to be sitting around twiddling her thumbs while he racks up states and delegates.

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    I think he might end up as President too and i'm already sick to death of "my friends...."  Blah.

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    I knew Maria Shriver would do nothing here- as I've said before she is no "First Lady of California"- she's practically been invisible since Arnold won as Governor.

    Caroline was actually a good endorsement- and her speech was quite well-done.  Ted Kennedy's endorsement seemed more about himself than it did about Obama- it was obvious I think to most he was doing it out of some sort of grudge.

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    If Gore endorses Obama, I will never forgive him.  Where's his loyalty?  If Bill has not chosen him as VP,  he never could have springboarded to the Dem nomination in 2000, and although he lost, his high profile during that time has helped him spread his "global warming" message around the world.  People might scoff and say it's because of Bill that Gore lost the 2000 election, but I say that's bull.  Before he became a "darling" of today, many people couldn't stand him.  I don't know how many people I fought with about Gore but there was a big dislike for him- he's "boring," "I can't stand listening to him talk,""He's a phony""I just don't like him for some reason."  He never would have won the Dem nomination unless he had been Vice-President all those years.  Stabbing them in the back is incredibly ungrateful- Gore would have been only marginally known if it wasn't for the Clintons.


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