Amnesty Request Diary (Update: Success!)

Update [2008-6-10 12:37:50 by really not a troll]: Success! Last night many of us were visited by the Admin fairy and had our rec/rates restored. Thank you MyDD! Let's celebrate by reccing some useful, non-meta diaries.

So, the primaries are over and some people still can't rec/rate. Instead of spamming all the admins, why don't we use this diary to request amnesty? This'll make it easier on the admins, who won't have to sort through their inboxes and won't have to hunt down our comment history (they can just click our usernames in-thread).

So, want rec/rate back? Post a comment.

Oh, and if you still have rec/rate, and want to get it restored to all non-troll users, please rec this. Thanks.

Update [2008-6-9 23:14:10 by really not a troll]:: Ironically, my first time on the rec list. Thanks! I'd thank you by name, but I don't have the ability to view who put my diary on the rec list right now. Admins, can we fix that so I can offer these fine users some proper gratitude?

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Can you rec/rate?

Lots of people have lost rec/rating privileges without any explanation. This diary serves a simple purpose - catalogue those who have/have-not lost rec/rate privileges, along with their candidate affiliation.

Vote in the poll, and leave comments about your experience on MyDD.

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