Dr. Martin Luther King inspired President Obama into politics

Dr. Martin Luther King was an inspiration to many people in his life, including to me. But, I would argue, that Dr. King was speaking directly to President Barack Obama when he gave his "I Had A Dream" speech.

As I mention in my soon-to-be released book, Mr. and Mrs. Grassroots: How Barack Obama, Two Bookstore Owners, and 300 Volunteers Did It, President Obama made key announcements on the occasion of Dr. King's birthday. The first one was the day that Obama announced his candidacy for United States Senate. That was on January 21, 2003, and very significant that day, was that Barack Obama was surrounded by a coalition of African-American and white political leaders from all parts of the state of Illinois.

In attendance that day were such political luminaries as Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones from Chicago's Roseland community, Illinois State Senator Denny Jacobs from East Moline, Illinois State Senator Terry Link from the Waukegan area, Alderman Toni Preckwinkle from Chicago's 5th Ward and the Hyde Park community and dozens of others. State Senator Terry Link is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois and Alderman Toni Preckwinkle is a candidate for Cook County Board President. By no small coincidence, both candidates are front-runners in their respective races.

One year later, on January 17, 2004, Obama opened two campaign offices in the African-American community: one on Chicago's south side and one on Chicago west side. My wife Michelle and I attended the opening ceremony at the south side office and what we saw that day was quite stunning. The campaign had come a long way from that day of the announcement in 2003, when Obama was poling at less than 5% and he was known as "Who?" On this January 17th date in 2004, several hundred "grassroots supporters" were in attendance. What made made it stunning and hopeful and in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King was the room was filled with white, African-American, Hispanic, Asian-Americans. In other words, what Dr. King had had prophesied about on the "I Had a Dream" speech. That people of all races and creeds would gather together.

A couple of months later on March 16, 2004, Obama won the Illinois Democratic primary against impossible odds. Even more significant, his support came from everywhere in the state of Illinois. Yes, he received overwhelming support from the African-American community, but Obama was strong in many other areas. Without that support, he would still be serving as an outstanding state senator in the Illinois legislature.

And in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, I am grateful that Barack Obama is our President. If only Dr. King could be with us today. Come to think of it, he is. Chicago City Hall Examiner and The Chicago Grassroots Political Examiner.

John is the author of an upcoming book, Mr. and Mrs. Grassroots: How Barack Obama, two Bookstore Owners, and 300 Volunteers did it.

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Good Christ is this delusional.

This is worthy of the Soviets, it's so dishonest and out to lunch.


Obama didn't have a resume when he decided to run for the US senate, so Emil Jones took legislation from other Chicago legislators and put Obama's name on it so he wouldn't look like the absolutely impotent putz that he is because, as Emil put it, he wanted to "get" himself "a US senator". So Ricky Hendon's legislation that he worked on for years that would mandate that police interrogations be taped, soon bore Obama's name. Obama, not having an ounce of integrity, was happy to take credit for someone else's work. He bizarrely went on and listed that theft as one of the moments in his career that he was most proud of.

Curiously, after Jack Ryan dropped out of the race when scandalous material was released on him, the Illinois GOP couldn't find another Republican willing to run against an incompetent, untested and unknown state senator, with no accomplishments to his name, so they imported a mental defective from maryland to run against him?


Against all odds? I'd say Obama was handed the nomination and was giftwrapped the win by the Illinois GOP for whatever reasons. But his Reaganite positions as president, his downright hostility to the working class, his indulgence of Wall Street elite may make sense of that absence of competition.


he is the worst fucking Democratic president since Buchanan. Don't even think about offering up that yahoo's name in the same breath as that of a man who was murdered for his principles.

by glitterannebegay 2010-01-19 04:36PM | 0 recs


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