Congressional districts

This is either a dumb question or a pointless speculation depending on how charitable you are feeling...

It has to do with creating congressional (or even state) legislative districts.

Details below.

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Can the U. S. Be Fixed?

Let's assume that everything breaks the right way for the next few years. The Dems get control of one house in 2006 and then the other and the presidency in 2008.

The question next becomes, then what?
People have been so taken with criticizing current policies that realistic programs have been downplayed.

Some examples below:

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How the conservatives stole the government

Because of the way the senate is designed small states have disproportionate power. This allows a group of smaller states to control a majority of the senate. These states are primarily rural and conservative and have become the core of the conservative strategy to shift the country rightward.

As a matter of fact half of the seats in the senate are controlled by just 16% of the population. Details below the fold.

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cross posted diaries

The rapid aging off the front page of diaries on popular web sites (like dKos) has led some regular diarists to post on multiple sites. I assume they feel that the longer visibility of their postings on sites like this one will give more people a chance to read the item before it becomes "invisible".

The problem is that the conversation becomes fragmented. Insightful remarks on one site are not seen by those on the others. The blogosphere needs a way to dynamically link these mulitiple postings.
This way the item could appear in several places, but there would be only one conversation.

Any web gurus out there want to try to implement this?

Supreme Court shift is religious not political

The real story about the supreme court make up is not the shift to "conservative" values.

The debates over originalism and other code words are just a cover for the real revolution taking place.

More below:

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The 435 strategy

If the Dems want to run someone in each district there needs to be some acknowledgement of practical politics.

A short story (below the fold) will illustrate:

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The role of the media

I think part of the criticism of the major media outlets comes from a misconception of what role these organizations should be serving.

The categorization below is an attempt to help clarify this and to see if criticism of the "MSM" is justified.

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Dr. Mengele, I presume?

Today's NY Times has a front page story about doctors at Guantanamo helping design more effective "interrogation" techniques.

Here's a link to similar story:
Times UK

Once the US loses the one thing that made it unique in the world, it's ideals of fairness and equality, then it no longer possesses the "soft" power that helped spread democracy around the globe.

It just becomes another self-serving player of power politics.
What a legacy to leave our children.

The (Corporate) Three Circles of Hell

With apologies to Dante:

The first circle is reserved for those like the Halliburton executives that overcharged for services to the US Government. This is only a small sin, it's only about money.

The second circle is reserved for the executives like those at Pharmacia Corp that fed misleading data to Dr. Michael Wolfe about Celebrex. Using this data he wrote a favorable editorial which greatly boosted sales. This is a medium sin, at least the drug worked. It's just that it possibly killed a few people who shouldn't have been taking it.

The third circle is reserved for the ExxonMobile executives that "pressured" the Bush administration to reject the Kyoto treaty. Also in this circle is White House staffer Philip Cooney who rewrote scientific papers to misrepresent findings about global warming. This is a sin that even Dante couldn't foresee. These people are willing to distroy the PLANET to hold on to their miserable jobs.

What would make a person so craven that they would risk disaster for millions? How do they sleep at night? Do think their grandchildren are going to live on Mars?

Banned diary entry

 I had my diary entry removed from yesterday. They have been getting more testy with me over the past few days. This is a copy of a post I put up on dailyKos, so pardon the duplication if you have already read it. I think, however it is important to see what happens when one tries to open up a dialog with the other side.

As I have said before, Redstate is not a conservative blog but is an instrument of the Rove noise machine.

The diary entry is reproduced below along with the
response by the Redstate "keeper of the holy flame" and my response.

Enjoy freedom of the press while you can, we can see where their agenda is leading.

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