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Want to know the state of things in Western Kentucky? We have a very right-wing radio station which plays lunatics such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck during the day. Their views are broadcast daily, and since Republicans own the airwaves and the printed news around here go uncontested in successfully propogandizing the masses.

However even more reminscent of the sad state of affairs in Western Kentucky is this:

PADUCAH, KY - Through an informational meeting and analysis pieces, hopes to help you better understand the controversial health care bill being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives.  The massive government plan would change America if passed by Congress.  

An informational meeting will be held at 6pm Thursday, August 27, at Heartland Worship Center in Paducah.  Analysis pieces will start this week that will put the bureaucratic wording of the government bill into more easily understood language.

WKYX-WKYQ News Director Donna Groves and Karen Farthing, a reporter for, have closely studied the lengthy, complicated health care bill and have become knowledgable about it.  They will answer questions at the informational meeting.

Dr. Shawn Jones of Paducah, Vice-President of the Kentucky Medical Assocation, also will discuss the bill from a medical perspective.  WKYX morning host Greg Dunker and Gary Chester Morse, general manager of WKYX-WKYQ and will moderate. al---Regional/McCracken-County/Health-Ca re-Information-Meeting-Planned-for-Aug-2 7

So, just to clarify all of this to those of you who may not be familiar with the area. WKYX-WKYQ, an extreme right-wing radio station is holding an "informational meeting" for the citizens of Western Kentucky. Two reporters from the stations will be answering questions about the healthcare bill, and their only qualifications are that they have read the bill and are raving right-wingers.

An undoubtedly Republican-Conservative Doctor will be there to tell how the bill will murder grandma, and cause doctors to work 25 hrs a day for peanuts and it will all be moderated by a local right-wing talk show host and the News Director of the aforementioned station that found Bill O'Reilly too moderate to continue airing his program.

And to add insult to injury all of this "information" in the form of right-wing propoganda will be spewed forth in a church. Instead of coming to the House of God to learn about the good news that the life of Christ represents to those who believe, folks will get to come and be propogandized on how the Republican viewpoint is God's gift to the world, and how Progressives who are fighting so that all Americans can afford medical attention and their prescriptions and will not be one misfortune away from total ruin are actually spawns of Satan who hope that your grandparents and disabled children die.

Using a Church to propogandize the citizens of Western Kentucky to oppose something that would help them if passed is particularly vile and disgusting even by Kentucky Republican standards. Western Kentucky through Republican representation has seen its job market greatly reduced to the service sector, and almost none of those jobs offer health insurance. Since the people of this area who do not have health insurance would widely support the bill if they knew the facts, WKYX-WKYQ must "inform" them on why they should oppose it and have decided to insult Jesus Christ in doing so.

Why can't we just let churches do what they were created to do and that is teaching the word of Jesus Christ and the good news it brings to those who are saved?? A church is not a political organization designed to push off right-wing lunacy on those who may be seeking real information on government legislation. If Heartland Worship Center wants to take a role in politics why are they afforded the tax-free status that is reserved for churches?? They should be ashamed that their church will be used to mislead people by presenting only the wingnut version of the House bill. Why is nobody from the Progressive side going to be on the panel to give an opposing view to be used if this event truly seeks to "educate" folks?? Because this event was designed solely to let people know if they support this legislation they are going to hell.

These kind of actions are what has caused many people to mistrust Christians and Christianity in general because a church should be teaching about God, not propogandizing from a greedy, selfish point of view. We all remember what Jesus felt about having money-changers in the house of God. Once again I am forced to say thank goodness Jesus has not a grave to roll over in....

Updated from kilowat:

Lets call and let the Heartland Worship Center know that a church is no place to propogandize folks on the healthcare bill:

Heartland Worship Center
4777 Alben Barkley Dr
Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 534-1400

Write the pastor of Heartland Worship Center and let him know churches are not meant for propoganda:

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