Heather Ryan: "Reward Companies That Invest in America's Future"

In the last several decades with the myriad of trade deals we have seen, the American Middle-Class has seen high-paying jobs, with the benefits and opportunities they offer constantly outsourced to third-world countries. Once there, these companies can pay a fraction of the wages American workers earn, can deny benefits, and often can be guilty of horrid working conditions, and even the use of child labor. The sad part is that our government actually gives tax breaks to companies that engage in this activity.

At Ryan for Kentucky, we believe in building the American middle-class, and keeping our jobs here. We believe in the role of unions in fighting poverty in this country. Heather has this to say about the state of affairs, when our government rewards companies for "down-sizing" our middle class:

It is not hard to figure out that outsourcing American jobs to third world countries is destroying our middle class. We must stop rewarding companies who send our jobs oversees with tax cuts and begin rewarding companies who invest in our nation's future.

As a member of a staunch union family, and a former union member myself, I understand first hand the need for a living wage as well as benefits and training programs. I will work tirelessly to fight for the rights of the working person. For far too long, the citizens of Kentucky have been victimized by the million dollar boy's club. It is time for change!

Yes, the million dollar boy's club which includes our Congressman, Exxon Ed Whitfield, and the leader of the Kentucky Republican Party, Mitch McConnell. Strike a blow against the hypocrisy of Kentucky Republicans by supporting Heather Ryan, a grassroots Democrat for change. We are opening our campaign headquarters on Paducah's southside next Thursday, and beginning our "Blitz in the Bluegrass". I started "Americans for Ryan" to try and help her raise the resources she needs to get her message to the 63% of registered Democrats in this district. If we get the resources we need, we win. Please go here and help us anyway you can. We value the $5 donation as much as the $2300 one!!:

http://www.actblue.com/page/americansfor ryan

If you can't afford to send a donation, another way you can help us is giving Heather your vote on Russ Feingold's "Progressive Patriots" fund site. The winner of this contest recieves a $5000 donation from the Progressive Patriots. This would be huge to our grassroots efforts in this district. Please go here and vote for Heather. She is on the far left in the bottom row:

http://www.progressivepatriotsfund.com/p ickapatriot/vote-house-v.html

It only takes a second, and can make a HUGE difference!!

Best wishes fellow Democrats!!

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