A Real Winning Democratic Strategy for 2010

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One thing I keep seeing a lot about is how Democrats are going to lose in 2010. Everyone seems to be wandering what strategy they can come up with to hang onto the House and Senate. A lot of people want to predict doom and gloom for our party and they may be right. However, I believe the strategy they think we should impose misses the mark.

To truly defend their majorities in 2010 and even the White House in 2012 I do not believe Democrats need do anything fancy but remember why they were elected into the majority.

After six years of the endless Corporate lunacy known as the Bush Administration mixed with a Republican Congress, Americans needed and asked for a breath of fresh air. They were tired of the failed policies of the Bush Administration rubber-stamped by an uncaring, elitist Congress. They realized the damage that was done by them and by 2008, they knew they had destroyed the economy.

They elected Democrats in 2006 and 2008 because they wanted a new direction and a real alternative to the horrendous policies that drove our country off a cliff in almost every aspect. They wanted universal healthcare, they wanted the middle-class revived, they wanted to stop wasting lives and money in the middle-east and they wanted to be represented once again.

Now, just look at all we have done since elected in 2006. We repeatedly failed to stand up to Bush on the Iraq War. We have allowed the most Corporate of our Democrats to control the healthcare debate watering it down beyond recognition. We have not taken up the Employee Free Choice Act and fought for it. We are still wasting lives and money in the middle-east. Corporate America is still defended first and foremost above anything else.

Is something wrong with this picture?? For years I heard as a Red State Democrat from many people that live around me that my party says a lot of things they agreed with. What they did not like was that my party was too cowardly to ever fight for them. I always tried to argue and rebut their points but now the painful truth is setting in that they were probably right and I have been running around in circles all along.

Which brings us to the winning strategy. We do not need to wait until the campaigns are in gear and come up with some catchy slogans. We need to start right now doing all the things the American people put us into power to do with much urgency.

We need to stop insulting the intelligence of the American voters and offer them a real alternative for Universal Healthcare that is something more than Corporate Welfare and call for sacrifice from more than working America.

We need to fight for the Employee Free Choice Act and implement it to help millions of workers, including the "Lost Generation" of young folks who are doing worse than their parents achieve the middle-class.

We need to end our disasterous involvement in the "War on Terror" or whatever it is called now which was started by a failed President and appears is being continued under a new one. Our troops, their families and our treasury has suffered mightily in our obsession to "win", a term which many Americans don't even know what it means.

We need to start fighting the special interests, lobbyists, and their big money contributers that have a strangle-hold on our Republic with more than talking points. We need to enact serious reforms in campaign finance and the whole way money is passed around in Washington. Right now,  We seem to be seeking to preserve the environment that allows the enemies of our Republic to destroy it from within.

We need to do all these things by any means available to us. If we must use reconciliation in the Senate, or even get Joe Biden to vote we should. If we have to twist every Blue Dog arm in the House and threaten to completely cut them off from party funds we should. If we do not show the American people that we care about the problems that really face them and will fight like hell to bring about the change they want no fancy strategy or popular President will ever save us.

We will have earned the defeat we are dealt by not giving the American people a viable alternative.

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Re: A Real Winning Democratic Strategy for 2010

First thing that comes to mind is to govern from the center .....Be conservative on fiscal and monetary policy (deficits and spending )...I am sure their are other ideas out there,,,

by lori 2009-10-12 06:06PM | 0 recs
I remember when democrats fought hard

to stop the republicans from cutting any money out of medicare. I cannot believe that they will actually cut over 1/2 trillion out of it! They will pay the price in 2010/12 with the elderly!

by suzieg 2009-10-14 01:23AM | 0 recs
Re: A Real Winning Democratic Strategy for 2010

No, we should not be conservative on deficits and spending, least of all in a "great recession" economy.  America has long had the lowest government spending of all the advanced nations, and this should really come to an end.  In particular, we should bring about a "cradle-to-grave" welfare state for all Americans, and start helping not just the poor but the middle income groups as well.

If you want to be fiscally conservative, raise taxes back up to 90% top rates, and cut military spending in half.  That will solve all of the fiscal problems.  

by demjim 2009-10-14 07:25AM | 0 recs


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