• In general, it's considered in bad taste to imply that you have to stay in the race because the other guy could die.

    It's also worse due to the justifiable paranoia from some about Obama's safety.

    Makes you wonder that RFK Jr and others will think about her saying this, because they're from the Clinton side of the Kennedy family.

  • Her Husband didn't win the nod in June 1992 by overtaking Jerry Brown. Bill Clinton was the frontrunner from what I can tell, and he finished it by beating Brown in California.

    So the only person who can really be compared to Bill winning it in June is Obama.

    And the RFK comments are probably the most blatant gaffe of anything so far. Good lord, this is getting a bit sad.

    I have nothing against going to June 3rd, but this is getting a bit embarassing for Clinton.

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    It's a bit hard to think that the vote total for the June primary will be as high as the vote total for the 2004 gubernatorial election.

    For the sake of reference, the 2004 election had a turnout of 2M.

    I'd imagine the turnout is around 400K to 800K

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    She actually made the promise to support the winner while campaigning to get her job (as Party Chair). So it's even more of a double cross than you'd expect.

    Wonder how much of her support came from pro-Obama forces.

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    Look into ballot access deadlines. It's not viable. This isn't 1912.

  • I haven't seen him in person. But Jay elevated himself from bland to interesting with his college plan.

    I can't verify or deny if Sam Page is the creation of Jay Nixon conspiring with stem cell researching elitists. ;)

  • Blunt's first half year as Governor was awful, and for a large portion of 2005/2006, his job approval was around the low 30s.

    He fought on long enough to have like $10M on hand, but he could have spent $100M and still lost to Jay Nixon.

    Not to mention that Blunt ignored his base on the stem cells amendment, and by endorsing Romney early (while Huckabee rolled in Blunt's base area).

    The one thing that is going to help General Assembly Republicans is the removal of donation limits on August 28th. That'll probably start a massive money race once a few rich people start dropping $10K checks for state house candidates.

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    I hear that a re-vote would not have been able to follow DNC rules in regards to preventing Republican primary voters from voting in the Democratic primary. Mainly because the list of Republican primary voters would not be available for some reason or another.

    Ultimately the big mistake was on the part of the Michigan Democrats, who couldn't settle for February 5th and tried to cut in line.

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    Still seems a bit farfetched to me. McCaskill was the Missouri State Auditor until 2007.

    She's a good Dem and all, but it's just hard to see. Especially with Sebelius being taken seriously too. Sebelius is much more plausible than McCaskill.

  • the internals show Men and independents moving away from both Obama and Clinton, while Women and Democrats move towards both Obama and Clinton.

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    Yeah, Nixon won three times with 59, 60, and 60 percent over pretty much unknown opponents.

    There's a slight barrier around 60% where it's hard to get a Democrat over that percentage. McCaskill won 60% in 2002 over Al Hanson for Auditor, despite Hanson being an ex-felon with no institutional support.

    I think that Nixon's numbers are due to move down slightly. But the primary might be a choice for Missouri Republicans between losing votes in the I70 corridor (Columbia to St. Louis) and losing votes in the I44 corridor (St. Louis to Springfield).

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    McCain did not win a majority in the February Arizona primary. I can't remember a nominee failing to win a majority in his home state's primary.

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    Drop out? In her moment of triumph? I think you overestimate Obama's chances.

    (kidding kidding)

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    He learned kung-fu in Indonesia, and he'll use it to conquer America. But only Chuck Norris can stop Obama.

    That's what I heard from a chain e-mail in my inbox.


  • Eh, I'm not being entirely serious.

    Although Missouri gets to be first at the line due to seniority.

    And why yes, you can send the DNC money-filled briefcases to my residence, i'll disburse them accordingly. ;)


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