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    I'm getting lost here.  WTF does the D*C*CC have to do with a D*S*CC race?  When you all talk about the "leadership", who exactly is that?

    You're right about the impression this b.s. is leaving:  not good from any angle.  Hackett needs to tell the people what's going on - and why.

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    Murtha's plan fits neatly within the boundaries of UNSCR 1546 (June '04) [.pdf].  The administration negotiated the terms of that document within the Security Council, one of which is paragraph 12:

    12. Decides further that the mandate for the multinational force shall be reviewed at the request of the Government of Iraq or twelve months from the date of this resolution, and that this mandate shall expire upon the completion of the political process set out in paragraph four above, and declares that it will terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the Government of Iraq;

    Polls in Iraq indicate the people are ready for us to leave, the Pentagon is constantly bragging about the capabilities of the new Iraqi forces, they are getting help with their debt, and the Iraqis themselves are fighting the terrorists.

    I don't see a problem here.  The administration is in a box of their own design, the kind without a door.  What's the problem?

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    . . . we should attack . . .

    Only in comparison to dem/progressive solutions, and only when asked.  For all those who believe the Democratic leadership in the Senate & House haven't been putting their bills where their principles are, go look through thomas.  Senate package was submitted at the beginning of the session, as were bills in the House meeting the test of "progressive" legislation.

    If you want to attack the GOP on the drug bill, you might want to find out - or spell out - a rational, comprehensive health care plan.  At least then you'd have an answer for the first question asked:  if you're attacking their plan, what's your alternative?

    Find the solution, present the plan.  Way past time to get ahead of the curve instead of playing pavlovian games with Rove.

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    Their Senators and Representatives can't get a damn hearing room . . .

    Suggest you take a look at the QRS site, read their description of the media available @ the DNC, then say again "they can't get the word out".  Dean, et. al. are doing a good job of outreach under pressure.  But I'd feel better if they spent the money for a few good tech experts to teach them how to use their new toys.

  • Definitely agree.  And if he ran as an independent, I think he'd win in a walk.
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    Both of those Senators are definitely approaching the "creaking point", and in some parts of the outer islands, Inouye is not viewed favorably.  

    If you want to get rid of Lingle, draft Harry Kim.

  • I agree that any politician biting into "marriage" as a legal definition is walking into that rotor.  But the plain fact is that any two people walking into a City Clerk are issued a certificate by the State recognizing a civil union, granting the couple to jointly enter into the full range of legal rights and responsibilities otherwise denied.

    Reversing the "Roveisms" means denying a couple the right to have children, a common medical plan, savings and/or bank account,  to buy a house, and (laughably) pay joint taxes.

    Hackett is right, Rove is the idiot.

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    Before we get all exited, note that Specter's last phrase is the more likely outcome:

    . . . but the principal remedy, George, under our society is to pay a political price.

    That said, Specter may have just warned the Republicans to clean their own house, or the people will evict them in '06.

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    Messages:  Hopefully he's conversant with the local and national issues affecting the district, but still better to ask - don't tell.   A very fat group - sufficient to turn an election - lives in the middle of the electorate, and is made up of disaffected Republicans, and/or independents, as well as Democrats.

    None of them need to be preached to, or be subjected to "blue-sky" promises.  Keep it simple sam.

  • The way I understand the process candidates file, gather resources, campaign in their districts, and debate their primary opponents.  Voters then decide who will represent them.

    What part of that process does the DCCC not understand?

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    The comparison between the parties in this "sullen" electorate that fits:  Republicans are quite like the British, including a King George, all marching to the same drummer in lockstep.

    Democrats are more like the rebels of Washington's army.  A collection of people from various groups coming together for a cause, then going back home after the win.  No drummer.

  • There is a clear bright line developing between the DCCC and local orgs in a couple of races (at least).  Dean's strategy is build from the ground up, Emmanuel's more like old-style machine politics.  

    From what I've read, that "base" isn't "Democrats for Christine", so much as it is "voters" for Christine who happen to be democrats.  

  • Iraq:  I don't know how to word the question, but it seems like you're asking about two fairly defined "exit strategies".  Murtha's call for redeployment (staging out of theater), with a gradual, though specific timeline; and Bush's nebulous "when the Iraqis are ready".  To get to the answers I think you need to reverse the order, and put #s 3 & 4 first (current), followed by 1 & 2 (past).


    #1 might be more direct:  do you believe the President has the authority to order wiretaps on Americans?  (Follow-on w/2a & b)

    #3 add new #3:  do you believe the American people were told the truth about our reasons for going to war in Iraq?  (Follow-on by renumbering #s 3 - 5).

    I agree with you about trying to get a read on how people view the Democrats (and/or Congress in general).  Open-ended questions are better than boxed-in.  

  • Are the people in the district voting for a "D"emocratic candidate, or Christine Cegelis, the person from their neighborhood?

    Gotta ask:  if you removed the party labels from those running in Il-06, and were voting strictly on the basis of their statements and positions, who would get your vote?

    If you answered Cegelis, and she's not getting "party support", why do you need the party?

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    What the hell is so important about... oil fields. Oil.

    Redford's character in Three Days of the Condor. And more than ten words, but somehow it fits:

    "Boy, what is it with you people? You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth?"


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