A simple election in Freedonia

President Rufus T. Firefly was nearing the end of his reign, and it was time once again to hold presidential elections in Freedonia, a country of 3 million people in three equal provinces.  The rules of the Dumont Party are that its nominee is to be selected at its national convention by vote of a majority of delegates from the three provinces, and each province was to be represented by 100 delegates to be selected according to whatever system each province chose.  It was a simple system, and everyone agreed in advance.

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OT: She's a Beauty

With all of the sniping, nastiness, and downright tension here of late, I thought I'd go way off topic with a photo of something calm and relaxing; a real beauty.  She's a 68-footer just launched by New England Boatworks.

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OK, so tell us what is allowed, part deux.

I've noticed a pattern here on the blogs of late and it was ratcheted up to deafening levels when people decided that Hillary Clinton deserved our party's nomination despite primary election and caucus results.  Ok maybe a while before that but my point is there's a definite double standard here on the blogs and there has been for quite some time.  Anything goes when it comes to pointing out Obama's "shortcomings" or "faults".  Hell they rip into him with half-truths, distortions, lies and some of the most racist and hateful shite I've ever seen.  And that's coming from other Democrats!

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An assault on the nation

These are trying times, and the stakes are higher than I've ever seen in my half century+ on this earth.   The United States of America is under attack, and the nothing less than the survival of this nation is on the line.  But, as many have warned, the assault is not from without, but from within.  We have all seen the signs; many of us have connected the dots; but the time for the citizens to preserve their democracy is now.

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