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    Sadly, I think the answer is no.  He's my guy all the way, but no progressive would support the FISA capitulation.

  • Fair enough; but I think it was a mistake on Nader's part to introduce color to those issues.  Urban issues are predominantly seen as "black" issues because of the AA concentration in many US cities; but it's still wrong to treat them as racially based.  Government failures on poverty, health care, education, etc. may impact the urban AA community disproportionately, but that doesn't make them black issues, nor is there a greater imperative for Obama to address basic human rights issues simply because he's black.

    I see what you're saying, and can maybe shoehorn your interpretation into something more benign; but Nader's statement was insensitive at best.

    I have high expectations for Obama because he's a Democrat and a man who has seen those problems first-hand; but I have no expectations of him relevant to his skin color.

  • Kinda along the theme:  You might be a Republican if...poll numbers that are unfortunate for Democrats are not unfortunate for you.

    Hey, I like this game.

  • Wading through the incoherence, I still find nothing that explains why it isn't unfortunate for you that opinion polls show an R advantage on that issue; but gosh, thanks for the dumbass comment.

  • But if you don't use it when it applies, it will also lose its meaning.  Nader thinks that because Obama is African-American, his priorities and actions should be different from mine.  Nader's comments represent a clear opinion that Obama should behave and speak a certain way and to certain policies based on nothing but the color of his skin.  If that's not racism, what is?

  • your position was that an attack would not be helpful to the repubs.

    Unfortunately for you , your position is in the minority...  

    simple , clear statement.

    It is unfortunate, of course, for all Democrats, progressives, and reasonable people everywhere that such an attack would be perceived as helping the Republican candidate.  So when you say "Unfortunately for you", it is clear that you don't mean him personally, but you mean "Unfortunately for the Democrats."

    And, your repeated phrasing of your simple, clear statement in that way seems a tacit admission on your part of being a Republican troll.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be "Unfortunately for you," it would be "Unfortunately for us."

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    Sure, John McCain is a lying shitweasel; but Obama always referes to his honorable service to our country before chopping him down.  If you only excerpt the first part, you'd think Obama was a McCain supporter.

    No, sorry; but selective excerpting is invalid.  Platforms and essays, especially on campaign websites, are written as complete thoughts.  Obama does not communicate in soundbites, he communicates in whole essays; and the entirety of his message is not found a few sentences taken from the whole.

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    Truth be told, I think that time was several weeks or months ago; and the failure to adequately reign in some of the worst offenders then is what is arguably responsible for the increased irrelevance of this site now.  The site was allowed to go so far in its advocacy for one candidate that it existed primarily as a battleground for that confrontation; and no diary was too outrageous if it supported the favored candidate.  Now that the nomination is settled, it may be too late to re-establish this forum as a generic Dem blog.  The acrimony was so high, and the trolls so prolific, and the arguments so inane that many reasonable and rational participants simply went elsewhere.

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    Through our son's interest in Thomas the Tank Engine, hearing Carlin's voice as Mr. Conductor made  those videos almost tolerable.  To the kids, it was great, innocent fun, but knowing it was Carlin added, well, something more.  I'll miss his insight and wit.

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    I think that's the bigger issue.  Nobody would fault the telecoms for honestly providing their services for the good of the nation; but Bush, Hoyer, et al are using it as a shield to avoid that avenue of accountability.  No civil suits, no discovery, no truth comes out.  It's an abominable sham.  I'm disgusted.

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    And this is as good a place to point out that the Scotty Show controversies have mostly disappeared now that the book tour is winding down.  Interest in revealing administration crimes is only worthwhile when it sells books, I guess.

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    Same for me, but usually with a delay of a few days to a week.  Sometimes it takes them an eternity to catch up to what "everybody else" already knows; then they still leave out the relevant details and analysis.

  • Okay, seriously - you don't understand that not being given all of the rights as a US citizen ("treated like a citizen") is not the same as being given none of those rights?  Do we need a Venn diagram here?

  • I am not holding the site responsible for the actions of some of its users
    If it were a few incidents, I'd agree with you; but the chronic and repeated unadulterated bullshit that was tolerated by the site admins went far enough that I do consider them complicit for their failure to stop it.

  • I've had ABC affiliates deleted from my channel memory since the Path to 9/11 bullshit.  ABC does not exist in my media universe.


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