Squeezing Hamas but destroying Israel

There is a fairly provocative article penned by Ari Shavit in Haaretz.

Gaza op may be squeezing Hamas, but it's destroying Israel's soul.  Destroying it on world television screens, in the living rooms of the international community and most importantly, in Obama's America.

This is a fairly provocative thought.  What does Israel stand for ?  What has it stood for ?  What does it hope to stand for in the future ??

Ari Shavit concludes thus:

In a few days the fire will cease and the fog will disperse, revealing the horror. Hamas will be crushed, but pictures of outrageous destruction and killing will flood the world. Beirut's "Waltz with Bashir" will pale by comparison to Gaza's waltz with Olmert.

Then we'll discover that we will not be paying the price of the past week's belligerent escapade only in Obama's America. We will be paying it with the damaged souls of our sons and daughters.

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Pres. Obama's plan

I join everyone here in congratulating Pres. Obama on a relatively successful transition, and in wishing him the very best.  I am an atheist most of the time (i.e., when I do not feel the need to invoke God's (or Gods') help), or else I would be joining you in praying for his success as well.

But I am worried!

President Obama will either be phenomenally successful, or he will be a bust.  His stated plans are so grandiose that, if he succeeds, he will deserve not only a place on Mt Rushmore, but a whole new mountain to himself.

But I am worried!

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War... updated with leaks !!

It looks like war is now imminent!

The events of Nov 26, 2008 have faded away from American newspapers, and from progressive blogs such as this one (for those who forget, that is when 10 young men held Mumbai hostage for over 3 days).  However, events have continued to unfold.  We are now very close to war!

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