• Honestly, my intention was not to goad you, or to put words in your mouth.  Obviously, I shoudl have been more careful with my words.


    But, I would still like to see a video of what you are referring to.  I have not seen any so far.   I can read that the Israelis are claiming that the commandos were being lynched (which is probably where my poor choice fo words came from), and the activists claiming that they had 2.5 wooden sticks between them.

  • Can you point me to a youtube of this video, wherein the passengers are beating or lynching the commandos ?

  • Not with your contention, of course...noone is allowed their own set of facts.


    But I have to disagree with your suggestion there.  While it is still too early to know for sure (specially with most of the activists being held incommunicado by Israel), I would be stunned if this was anything more than a non violent direct action.  This is based on 2 pieces of news

    (a) The Turks are claiming that they thoroughly vetted all the ships for guns.

    (b) There is one case of a woman who went there with her 1 year old baby (and stayed in her cabin during the gunfire).


    And of course, all this happened in international waters!


  • on a comment on US Looking at Striking Pakistan over 4 years ago

    But maybe you could still explain how F-16s and howitzers are going to take out OBL !!

  • on a comment on US Looking at Striking Pakistan over 4 years ago

    Perhaps you can explain how F-16s and self propelled howitzers are going to be used by the Pakistanis to fight Osama bin Laden !

  • on a comment on US Looking at Striking Pakistan over 4 years ago

    Can you explain by what you mean by adding that "if Pakistan..." clause at the end. I did not realize that anyone had any doubts on the "if" .  And while you are at it, perhaps you can also explain the "vice versa".  I did not realize anyone had any "vice versa" issues either.

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    the next time there is an incident in India ?  It has been standard operating procedure for the US to urge restraint, and for the Indians to work with the Pakistanis when such incidents have happened in the past !



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    Talking to people...definitely an outrage!!

  • comment on a post Impeaching Obama? over 4 years ago

    that you could only get impeached for lying about sex !!


    but I suppose being impeached for making a job offer... is just as reasonable !!

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    you can still convert...

    you have a much better chance of getting into heaven via another faith.  For instance, with Buddhism, you can get to heaven (or attain nirvana), by giving up all desires... including any desire to get  into heaven.

  • Do you give a shit about the Palestinians ? 

    From the tone and tenor of your diaries, it would appear not !!  I fully understand that Palestinians are oppressing themselves by, for instance, building walls and checkposts in their own land and bulldozing their own homes.

  • I am puzzled by your statement...

    Am I supposed to "give a shit about Jewish people" ?  If I do, will I have any shit leftover to care for any of the other causes that also demand my shit ?  Like...for instance, the Palestinian people ?

    Will you then come here and accuse this audience of not giving a shit about Palestinian people...who have also been under more or less constant attack since the 1920s ?


    Or, perhaps you believe that in the I/P conflict, it has only been the Jews who have been under attack ?


  • the breadth of one's brush is generally uncorrelated with the depth of one's arguments, and is proportional to the degree of one's frustrations.


    was my brush broad enough ? =)

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    will someone dispute these numbers ?

  • It's all those darned Palestinians...why cant they be more reasonable and accept the tidbits offered to them !!  Why are they so opposed to peace ?


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