2010 and 2012

We lost for several reasons and little do do with ACA. And as stated by some, the loss is more situational than ideological.



3-Lower turnout in a midterm.

4-First midterm of a pres.

So what about 2012? Here is where it gets interesting.  The EC will shift 6 seats to the Reps. Also the SW is turning hard D- so when everything is said and done Ds win w/o Ohio and FL and with NM, NV, COL and IA. We need to focus on those states now- especially IA.  In fact, the path to victory should be pretty easing barring a native son (Pawlenty?).  As to the gerrymanding - TX FL and PA are gerrymanded to death- not much to gain on the part of R. OH and MI are a different story.  However, NY may bear fruit. The CAL initiative may shift a couple seats from the historical 3:2 ratio but I doubt it.




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FL neutral redistricting and Cal neutral redistricting will increase D representation

I just learned FL is going neural on CD setting -can someone confirm- this will help tremendously- however- if the state divides itself by partisan registration then the results would not be that good as it would dilute D concentrated power-still better than now, e.g., IA is like this an even yesterday D won almost every seat- this would happen in Cal too where D may actually increase represnetation depending how populated the western part of the state is.

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