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    That is the reason that anyone who particiapated in the invasion and conquest of Iraq are war criminials.


    It was an illegal war under the UN Charter and the Hague's international law. Any participation in that atroicity makes those who have disgraced their flags, their uniforms and their countries as war criminials.



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    Either through active commission of crimes or logistal support of criminal actions the present us military is a corrupt mercenary force whose only loyalty is to the almighty dollar, delusional powers ( christianists) and self aggrandization.

    Any honest individual has either resigned or been court martialed and what remains are the dregs of a bankrupt society.

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    Any group of people who rely upon the discredited Nuremberg defense of "just obeying orders" to justify their crimes against humanity cannot be demeaned any further.

    the only officers that had any ethics or morality are Lt. Wataba and others who rather then obey an illegal order to commit war crimes actually lived up to thier oath and refused to take the cowards way out of "just obeying orders".

    The only veteran benefits the present group has earned would be 10 years in Leavenworth.

    Morally bankrupt, ethically devoid cowards are demeaning our country its principles and the uniform they are sullying every time they put it on.

    That is our present Mercenary force.

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    Its not that over the hill nutcase that worry's me so much as the moral retards in the audience who are on their way to a career of dishonoring the US and doing it while sucking on the government for health care, salaries nd benefits while cheering the usurption of that same government.

    such hypocrites.

    Best thing to do is shut down the entire military and restart as a defense force ( ala Japan) of draftees only. The professional militarist's have no shame, fewer principles, absolute lack of a morality and complete absense of ethics.

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    This coupled with the deification of the military is consistent with the sort of elevation of the morally deficient and ethically absent over the body politic that led to the collapse of Roman Republic and other democracy's over the ages.

    Since the military becomes, for all practical purposes, a mercenary force whose only loyalty is to a paycheck and individual commanders we have seen the end of honest debate in this country about the nature of a civilian controlled force replaced by pandering to the lowest common denominator ( i.e. the average standards of merc's)

    To begin with I refuse to believe that the best of America would blindly obey orders that violate the rules of war, humanity and common decency.

    For there to be any hope for the US I must believe that the best of america would not engage torture.

    For there to be any hope for the US I must believe that the best of america would not engage in the atrocities that were Fallujah.

    For there to be any hope for the US I must believe that the best of america would not murder 18 people in a village in Iraq and claim stress as an excuse.

    For there to be any hope for the US I must believe that the best of america would not blindly bomb wedding parties in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    For there to be any hope for the US I must believe that the best of america are not the present force of murderers, perverts and psycho's that are todays military that dishonoring our flag, our reputation and our history with their crimes against humanity.

    Every time I hear a politician or individual speak of our " honorable forces that represent the best of america" I lose a little more hope that we can ever dig ourselves out of this moral, economic and political morass that we, as a country, have sunk into.

    This cheering of murder, usurpation of authority and anti constitutional rhetoric by West point cadets just proves the bankruptcy of any moral or ethical standards in todays mercenary's masquerading in US Military garb.

  • Lets be accurate the delusional who put a blind ( literally) delusion of some big invisible power that rules their lives above all else have been historically destructive and a cancer on the human race.

    To allow the same people, and beliefs, that led gw to start a war to protect his delusional fantasy from an alternative delusion ( Magog v god ) is simply to go down the same paths. These are the same beliefs that justified slavery, brought us the inquistition and have given us Pat Robinson, Osama bin laden, the Christian Coalition, al-Qaeda, Suicide bombers and anti-choice murderers.

    People can believe anything they want in the privacy of their homes be it Gandalf, Merlin, Thor, Allah, Jehovah, or ny of the myriad of sick fantasies drempt up by the scared, the weak, the mentally imbalanced and the ignorant. But once in the public arena such sickness's cannot be allowed to shape policy.

    The R's by catering to this social disease have followed a path towards self destruction and have become a clear and present danger to the body politic.

    So no do not allow the feeble minded decide policy based upon delusional beliefs that are used to justify all manner of atroicities in the name of following a higher calling.

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    Did she actually resign?
    Her words were

    ".. I've determined it's best to transfer the authority of governor to Lieutenant Governor Parnell..."

    These would be the same as if she had been injured or unable to fulfill her duties because of extigent circumstances (i.e. kidnapped by the Alaska independeve Party) but she would retain title, benefits and pay.

    It sounds absurd but no more absurd then so many of her actions ( appointing Ag Comm because the appointee liked cows when she was a kid)

    I can't help but wonder considering here histary of living on the intellectual and mental fringes of reality.

    PS It Was Marine Maj Gen O.P. Smith who she quoted during the retreat from the Frozen Chosin where dugout Doug had sent the marines ignoring the reality of the chinese intervention.

    Dugout Doug would have never gone anywhere without 5 press aides 3 official photographers and a detached sense of reality.

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    Don't forget that back in the 90's when the Rethuglican Senate held hearings trying to pin the use of illegal Foriegn money in US elections that it was Barbour who, while head od the RNC, got caught red handed with some very dubious "loans" from Hong Kong/China with very vague payback provisions.

    This was the same time the rethuglicans were promoting the semi slavery conditions of Chinese owned garment factories on Saipain as great examples of the way Capitalism should work.

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    Cashier Him

    He takes orders from the President.
    He is suppose to obey orders not define policy.
    Truman had the guts to fire Dug out Doug MacArthur for this sort of insuborination does Obama have the courage and belief in the US Constitution that Truman had?

    Court Martial him strip him of his rank and pension and give him a dishonorable discharge after a year at Leavenworth.

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    Kemp was an early Limbough disiple. He was an energetic supporter of the gingrich disassembly of the gov.
    He supported w's destruction of the constitution, country and world.
    His "Heart' was a scam where he tried to pretend he cared for something other then the almighty dollar.

    He was one of the proud fathers of today's rethuglican party.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    I hope that if Tedisco wins by a few votes on the recount that the D's refuse to seat him for at least 4 months. Take it to court and drag this out for ever.

  • Lets count the ways Gary tried to screw the d constituencies in Wa state when he was gov.

    1) Push Prop 51 to pour more concrete while waiving environmental rules, short changing mass transit and undercutting unions. Then when it lost had a "strategy" meeting of road builders/anti environmentalists and corporate lackey's to see how they could get around their defeat. Did NOT ask environmentalist's, union reps or Mass transit advocates in since he didn't care.

    2) Appointed a a repeat offender of Water usage rules as head of state EPA and Blue Ribbon commission to see how they could get around the water rights rules, Tribal treaties and Salmon advocates to effectively place big agribusiness as the first and primary "owner" of any and all water rights and let the Columbia river salmon go extinct.

    3) After years of the state unions voluntarily fore going raises and other benefits because of the first Bush recession and the difficulties it caused the state budget when things turned around he hired an union busting consultant firm that wanted the unions and state to go "back to white paper" and totally rewrite all contracts with no history, precedents or acknowledgement of workers history while proposing greater privatization of state jobs.

    4) While on one hand offering more and more corporate welfare ignored voter initiatives and cut teachers and health care workers salaries.

    The R's are probably overjoyed to have one of their own in this position especially since he is "flying a false flag" and is labeled as a D.

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    A couple of items.
    Abercrombie could move up he has the credibility ( but I still hold the Con. Ctr vote against him)

    Mazie could also step up.

    Mufi is looking to move up from Honolulu Hale

    Lingle could have problems with the National R's espiacially the nutcase christians ( sorry redundant)

    Ed Case will probably try to take the Gov seat but he may be a spent force.

    I do think that after supporting Stevens that Danny I might face some problems but he may decide to retire. Remember he and his theiving friend stevens came into the senatetogether and he has stated in the past that he would probably leave at the same time so with the trash from Alaska gone he might retire.

  • How short the memory's.
    How many times has Salazer sold out the D's to placate wingnuts and delusional?

    He would be a great place to try to get real D's instead of republicrats in office. Philosphically he is a descendent of dixiecrats.

    Be willing to bet that he is more of an obstructionist in the next 2 years.

  • He is a bought and paid for rethuglican operative.
    He only sucks up to his rethuglican puppet masters. He will do anything in his power to bring down a Democratic administration.

    Stupid to keep scum like him in administration.


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