Preemptive Budget Surrender

So it is reported by the surrender folks in the administration that a government shutdown is off the table.

Sounds like health care, Gitmo, DADT and all so many other issues that Obama has decided the best strategy is to surrender in the first stages of the battle. 

Since the R's haven't specifically stated this only the obama's defeatist OMB what does one think will happen?

Say the R's in the house pass a CR for the rest of the year, or a new debt limit bill, that requires cuts in social security or other draconian measures and refuses to compromise. Then Obama has the choice of either selling out the country, the people and the democratic party by signing it to avoid a government shutdown or going back on his "agreement" by vetoing it thus triggering a shutdown.

Thus like in the health care debate when he said single payer was off the table, or the prosecution of criminals from  the last administration, or refusing to lift DADT by executive order or any one of all to many surrenders He gave away his best bargaining chip before sitting down at the table.

Once again when people speak of Obama's administration as being a "Manchurian Candidate" they mean for the corporatist elite play the tune they dance to.




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