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    Oh I am sorry you believe that. He and Michelle laid of hundreds of latino workers and didn't care about them and she took millions anyway from the company.

    She is C.E.O. of university hospital and Obama owned it. They turned away the uninsured and charged them five times the rates of the insured when they did accept them. One old man died when the hospital turned him away.

    They saw hundreds laid off by Maytag and the Obama's raked in the money.

    Obama had the "courage" to take another persons platforma and words as his own is all.

    I'm really afraid that his whole record is going to come out too late for us all. The repulicans will win if he is the nominee. They are going to throw all of this at him and because it is all true..what will you do when we are all ruined because of your enchantment of the moment?

    He is not the knight here that you think he is.

    G.E. contributed to his campaign and they own MSNBC, So did Time Warner and Rupert Murdoch endorsed him. Would you say the reporting being as it is might have something to do with this.

    It would be better for Obama if he answered to some of this before the republicans go after him.

    But really what is best for working families won't matter when he wins and cannot really deliver. And when we have gambled and find we lost ...I hope your enthusiasm is not for nothing.

    I believe that it is. And I find that really sad because we are all going to pay for that. You have time but, many others do not.

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    Okay I will take this away from some over and over the same thing...they both have exactly the same policy nearly..and he got called on taking her platform and he is still doing it. Reversed himself on the standardized testing thing, the green collar jobs...hers..

    But here is the reason I am voting for her really other than I think she will bring every single change I have waited for. I think she can stand up to the republicans day after day in the White House and really get the job done.

    But long ago my step mom worked with her in a poverty stricken neighborhood and she really was dedicated, caring and sincere. She did things in Little Rock inner city schools that no one else could do.

    You know Obama has the media biggies as contributors so he gets the good spin and she gets the bad. I think this whole election was really driven by them and it's not sitting right when you have Obama saying how he will not be "old" Washington when you see how he is doing things and some of the things the republicans ARE going to throw at him are none too shiny and good. They are pretty sleazy too. Big difference? She's been through it all and it will be like nothing new to hear...big deal. With him a lot of people are going to go and take their vote to someone they know and we will lose.

    I know personally what she has done..I still talk to a lot of people who worked with her. Programs she put in place that everyone said were impossible and she fought hard for, are still successfully running today. They help families and kids who are the poor and working poor.

    That state voted for her in a landslide and no she is not originally from there. When she first got there they thought she was not at all like them and gave her a hard time. She won them over because she did a good job with the programs she put in place. If she had not, they would still remember believe me and not vote for her the way they did! That's a RED state! But they had to give it up and to a person, after all this time when I talk to those people they still praise her.

    I want someone who has proven they can and WILL and know HOW to do these difficult things we need done.

    And yes, I have resentment that such an accomplished woman has been so trashed by the media yet again while he gets a free pass. And it's not because he is not as dirty as the rest. Don't fool yourself on that one.

    Woman with far more experience and qualifications works her whole career for that corner office and along comes mr. charm, takes her ideas almost word for word and the corner office she earned.

    I am not a well person and I won't live to see a qualified woman as president that I believe in this much if she loses...I think he split this party in two. Would it have killed him to wait?? I mean come on, he has the exact SAME ideas she does and far, far less know how to get it done...I won't be answered on this without ....I get the impression that it really doesn't matter.

    And what if you all are totally wrong about him?? We just don't know!

    We have kids with disabilities, we have homes we are losing, we are in big trouble here and we don't want to gamble...we are all out of money and time for that.

    We feel this entire thing was a rail roading..and well it was.

    But, you cannot "change" what is and apparently many of you seem to think this is some sort of humorous game to us or no big deal.. many of us have said we will leave the party...I got told yesterday "GET OUT OF MY PARTY!" When I tried to say some of this to an Obama supporter.

    Many of you are far more aggressive but, you know what?? Really, it isn't about not wanting him to win so much as it is the way this whole thing was done. Karl Rove couldn't have written a better plan.

    Sorry, but in good conscience and for the first time in my life I cannot vote if she is not the nominee. I just cannot do it for a lot of reasons..I don't think he will deliver the goods, I don't think his motives were at all what he is saying they were based on the fact that "unity" would have happened all on it's own had he waited especially since his ideas are NOT different from hers..as a woman who is likely going to see a GOOD woman shut up and shut out yet again when it's not justified at ALL it's my only protest.

    I'll just continue doing grassroots volunteer work when I can as I always do. And I regret it like everything but, I cannot back Obama and apparently he doesn't need my demographic or care about us much anyway. If he did he would address us without being so flippant.

    I hope some of you can see what I do even if you are voting Obama..it's just sad all around. What could and should have been something so uniting indeed is everything but that. shrug

    Good luck to everyone no matter who you are voting for.

  • I'm for Hillary but, red states do matter. She got Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas. Arkansas was a democratic state for a long time though and it's an indication of the voting there that shows people still like her there. She won a landslide.

    Still there is a good article that I cannot seem to keep posted that explains why this election took the turn it did. It doesn't hurt that MSNBC is owned by GE who donated to Obama as well as Time Warner.

    From the way I see it the "surge" started a little bit before super Tuesday when the reporting became extremely skewed to say the least for one candidate and against the other exclusively.

    It was quite bizarre in the way it was so media controlled to the extent it was. I think that's when I began to look a lot closer at who was doing what and why. I decided to vote Hillary Clinton that week.

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    http://clinton.senate.gov/news/statement s/index.cfm

    Actually her record is quite extensive and she wasn't "just first lady" in Little Rock. She worked on programs for inner city schools that were not even sited as official but, helped the poorest students in many ways. She served as the director of education there too. She got pre school and other programs put in place that are still successful to this day.

    Her "record" is quite impressive on the very issues everyone cares about. That's exactly why her policies are so close to Senator Obama's though his came after hers. Her first organized attempt at service was a free babysitting group she started for immigrant workers and single working mothers in Chicago while still in high school..

    There is no need though you are for Senator Obama to discount Senator Clinton's many accomplishments. I believe they matter as do the people who benefited from them. Some of my family members among are among them.

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    He certainly has quite a bit of corporate money behind him too.

    It's naive to think you can clean sweep the lobbyists though. It's a nice thought but, it won't happen. And in fact some of those special interest groups do good things like lobby for rights for the elderly. It sounds good to to say though.

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    Either way these polls are folly to believe in. GE contributed to Obama and they own MSNBC, as well as other news outlets. I say "news" lightly. Time Warner also contributed.

    And even if they favor Hillary and even if they are reliable we'd never really know because so many of them are skewed it's a shock when we can trust one!

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    Actually, I had noticed this quite a while ago because I know Hillary's policy so well and several times he would repeat what she just said in a previous speech very nearly word for word. That's not a big deal really. They are politicians and he's going to co opt things as a new senator that he thinks are good and it's a little bit of a nod to her .

    But last night when he threw in the comment about standardized testing I had to laugh. She has been for getting rid of them for a long time as are many teachers. They penalize minority kids, the poor, immigrants, and anyone disadvantaged in any way. The only thing they really show is the size of the houses near the schools with any consistency. The worst thing they do is cause the drop out rates to soar when you add in the NCLB recipe along with them. Hillary Clinton has worked with teachers and understands why these tests aren't good but, before last night, Obama planned on keeping them. I was lead to read his stance on this by a teacher who said she wasn't going to support him because he didn't understand edcuation as well as she does because she has had more direct experience with teachers and working programs for schools for years now.

    Obama flipped and added in almost exactly what she said. That he would get rid of the tests. I bet he can't go into depth about why because he co opted her stance and it was one of the biggest cheers of the night for both of them. However, it is beginning to make Mr. Obama seem rather hollow.

    There is the fact that even on his health care plan which will cost more and cover fewer people he copied her except for a few things. He also misquoted her on this. She did not say she would garnish wages without having that geared to income and she did not say that was a given. What she stressed was aggressively lowering premiums. Allowing people to keep the plan they are on if they are happy with it and giving subsidy's to those who are not able to afford it even at geared to income. It was quite a mis representation of what she proposed. And he does that quite a bit.

    I agree that he seems to take from others and present as his own that which someone else worked very hard and long on. I guess their experience was appreciated after all.

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    GE polls? GE contributed to Obama's campaign. So did Time Warner..so much for polls.

    Sorry, but, I believe she can stand against McCain and I have read the entire record of Senator Clinton. Several things about her position have been twisted and Senator Obama has neglected to mention several comments he made with regard to Iraq and his support of lack of support on that issue. He didn't have a vote and commented "present" at the time. Admitting that he did not know how he would have voted at that time if he had to make that same decision or was called upon to do so. He wasn't. Furthermore, the reading of the entire so called approval in context will tell you that she did exactly as she said she did.

    Time reported that the republicans organized to support Obama well before we got this far into things. They want him to win. They are saying one thing and doing another and they do feel they can beat him. See my other article on this subject.

    Hillary Clinton has stood up against them for a long, long time. She has the mettle to go against them and it's a fake argument that she can't because any democrat is going to stand against the war as she consistently said and voted the exact same as Obama except for the one he wasn't there for. The republicans know that and no way McCain is going to look less hawk like.

    I have my own ideas about what has happened here based on many things I've seen and lots of research. It's too bad really.

    But in the end the media and super delegates will probably decide the election for good or bad.

    I know a lot of disenfranchised Clinton supporters who despite what the "polls" show are saying they will not vote at all, leave the party and go independent and just sit this one out if Obama is the nominee. Dont' underestimate this situation because the media is lying. As usual.


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