NM: Obama 53%, McCain 42%, NV Too Close to Call

Two state polls in the West provide further evidence that Barack Obama has consolidated his bounce into Electoral College gains. First, a new PPP poll of New Mexico indicates that the Land of Enchantment is no longer a battleground state.

Key findings: "Since New Mexico has a heavy Hispanic population, all Barack Obama needs to do with white voters in the state is keep it somewhat competitive. Right now John McCain has only a 49-47 lead with them, and combined with Obama's 59-35 lead with Hispanics that adds up a strong overall advantage for the Democrats."

"Sarah Palin is not playing well with New Mexico voters. 46% say her selection made them less likely to vote for John McCain, compared to 38% who say it made them more likely to do so. Among independents her disapproval rating is 47%, and Obama has a 51-35 advantage with that group."

Next, Obama is also gaining ground in Nevada, according to Suffolk University. It's is essentially tied at McCain 46% to Obama 45%.

The recent Wall Street turmoil has not helped matters for the Republican Party. When likely voters were asked which political party -- if any -- deserved blame for the roiling economy, 41 percent blamed the Republicans; 16 percent blamed Democrats; 27 percent said neither; and 16 percent were undecided.

It looks like that, while Palin plays well in areas with high concentrations of fundamentalist, she appears to have the opposite effect in the libertarian West. It will be interesting to see if there was a similar impact in Montana.

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Re: NM: Obama 53%, McCain 42%, NV Too Close

I fully expect Obama to win both Colorado and Nevada.

New Mexico is going to be a blowout.  Clinton won there by 7% in 1996 and it's looking like Obama may even pass that margin.

FWIW, Clinton only won Nevada by 2% in 1992 and by 1% in 1996, both times with a high percentage of Perot votes compared nationally.  It's coming our way, pretty fast actually.

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