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    Wasn't that the Democrats' plan with Bill Clinton?

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    Obama has reminded of Jimmy Carter from the beginning.  A nice guy, a smart guy...but outsiders don't get things done in DC.  Washington is going to eat him for breakfast.

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    So partisan that they never even bothered to donate to her before now.

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    It's what she was doing last night that made the difference: winning.

  • 1.  I don't recall him ever giving a quota or anything.  But he's said that legal immigration is too difficult.  (I think he means family reunification and such.) And he's never opposed legal immigration.

    2)  That would be grossly unfair to those who played by the rules and waited their turn.

    3)  The one Dobbs often cites is in-state tuition for illegal aliens, which out of state citizens can't get.

    4)  Dobbs is U.S.-centric, and freely admits it.

    I don't agree with Dobbs on everything, but he's genuinely concerned about the American worker, when even many Democrats only give labor lip service.

  • He's not xenophobic and he's not anti-immigration.  He's against illegal immigration.  He's for more legal immigration.  

    He sees illegal immigration as a way for employers to avoid paying fair wages.  And especially, a way to foist the cost of healthcare onto the taxpayers.   He doesn't like seeing illegal immigrants get government benefits that legal citizens can't get.  And he points out that it's the legal immigrants who suffer the most, since they are often the ones in most direct competition with illegals.

  • Agreed.  It was making fun of both of them.  And it was funny.

    And IMO, the Obama impersonation is better than the Hillary one.  I really don't see anything particularly Hillary-like in Amy Poehler's impersonation.  It's just...generic.  Fred Armisen at least gets Obama's way of talking (with those staccato pauses).

  • A lot of people care if he's a Muslim.  

    It shouldn't matter.  Heck, it shouldn't matter if he was a card-carrying atheist.

    But we all know it does.

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    CNN calls it, too.

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    Hawai`i is not particularly young.  Lot of retirees, though not as much as Florida.

    Hawai`i Demographics

    It also has a breakdown of ethnic groups.  It's a real melting pot.  16% Japanese and 14% Filipino are the two largest Asian groups.  Chinese is 4.7%.  Samoan is only 1.3%.

    So 51% of the population is "Asian or Pacific Islander," and out of that, only 1.3% is Samoan.

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    Not true.  There are a ton of Americans of Chinese and Japanese descent in Hawai`i.

    That's one reason the Japanese in Hawaii were not interned during WWII like they were in California.  They were about 1/3 the population; it simply wasn't feasible.

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    I think Obama will cruise in Hawai`i, since he was born there and all.  Yes, there are a ton of Asian-Americans in Hawai`i, but they don't have a lot in common with the Asian-Americans on the mainland. I think it's a mistake to assume they'll act like mainlanders.

    I hope Hillary at least tries in Wisconsin.  I was a bit perturbed that she flew to Texas yesterday instead.

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    I like it.  

    I copied you.  :)

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    Obama reminds me of Jimmy Carter, too.  

    Though I think Carter was basically a good man, very smart, and right on a lot of things (like the energy crisis), he was out of his depth in DC.  They made him look like a fool, when he was anything but.

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    Patti Solis Doyle wasn't fired, and they're not all saying bad things about her.

    Candy Crowley spoke with several Clinton campaign insiders.  They said part of the reason for the shakeup was the feeling that the ground game wasn't well-organized, and money wasn't well-spent.  But it was also that they felt things were disorganized, with two different people to report to.  They wanted to simplify things.

    They also said Doyle will be traveling with Clinton from now on.  Hardly what I call being fired.


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