WaPo: Obama "Guaranteeing" Gaddafi Win

That Obama, so good at saying one thing and doing another.  By imposing a two-sided arms embargo on two vastly mis-matched sides, the Washington Post has said he has almost "guaranteed" Gaddafi win.  Gaddafi has been a back-door US ally since Shell-BP won its oil contracts, but popular pressure from both the left and even the right -- Americans in righteous awe of people bravely fighting for freedom -- has Obama playing a delicate game.

Fortunately for him it is what he is best at: saying one thing and doing another.  Washington Post today:

Initially advertised as a measure that would weaken the Gaddafi regime by preventing it from acquiring additional weapons, the State Department this week revealed its view that the U.N. embargo also makes it illegal to provide defensive arms to the opposition.

An evenhanded arms embargo might make sense if the Libyan conflict were between two equally armed sides and we were indifferent to which side won. But the Gaddafi regime is infinitely better-armed than the rag-tag opposition that, having freed half the country, now faces a withering counterattack from the regime's artillery and combat aircraft. The Obama administration professes to want the opposition to prevail, but by prohibiting arms transfers to both sides, it has almost guaranteed that Moammar Gaddafi will win a drawn-out conflict.

The administration can only keep making grim pronouncements that Gaddafi "must go" while holding its breath that he will prevail for so long.  Republicans will not shy away from this new slam, which comes as Obama tip-toes away from the most elementary of no-fly zones, which could entail simply "cratering" two key runways in Sebah and Sirte, as Senate Foreign Policy Committee Chairman John Kerry has suggested, so that Gaddadi's warplanes could not take off, or having a couple of jets circling high above friendlies. Gaddafi's air defense systems are ancient and pose little threat to high-flying F-16s. 

In other news, Russia has announced sanctions on Gaddafi.




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