Shock, SHOCK That Curveball Lied! Is Bush Gang Nervous?

Strange this  is happening just as George W. Bush cancels a trip to Switzerland  to avoid war crimes charges and is probably better off not landing in France or Spain either, and just as American citizens across the country urge the Spanish government to  keep up its Bush Gang prosecution  efforts while  Obama does everything he can to squash them.  Powell's "discovery" that Curveball lied is akin to the shock, SHOCK that gambling is taking place in Rick's Cafe.

As Keith Olbermann would say, Who does Colin Powell think he's effing kidding?

The non-news that Iraqi defector "Curveball" lied reads like Colin Powell's legal gurus' attempt to keep their client from joining an illustrious list.  Brits who lost sons in Iraq are hairs' a breadth from lynching Tony Blair anywhere he goes, and George Bush's own  Amazon book webpage has become a billboard for advertising his crimes, in a convenient and heavily-trafficked "customer discussion" section.

Is something up?  You mean the powerful don't always get away with whatever they want?  You mean Cindy Sheehan and other Gold Star mothers have not lain down quietly and stopped asking the question: "FOR WHAT NOBLE CAUSE DID MY SON DIE?"

Of the UN presentation just before the Iraq invasion in which Powell seals Saddam's fate, citing his readiness to hit the U.S. with biological weapons, states:

   "The case officer at the German intelligence agency BND who supervises the Iraqi defector "Curveball" is aghast at Secretary of State Colin Powell's UN presentation, particularly Powell's reliance on data supplied by Curveball as if it were verified fact. "Mein Gott!" he will later exclaim. "We had always told them it was not proven.... It was not hard intelligence.""

Come on guys.  Everyone knew Curveball was lying about the "mobile weapons labs" which were going to produce anthrax on the spot.  When Coalition Forces failed to find weapons of mass destruction, the CIA Survey Group went to track down why.  When they mentioned the big super-secret source, Curveball, the  LA Times reported in 2005:

"The Iraqis were all laughing.  They were saying, 'This guy? You've got to be kidding.'"

More importantly, who cares about Curveball?   Whatever happened to:

"the Iraqi regime could launch a biological or chemical attack in as little as 45 minutes.." - GW Bush Sept. 26, 2002

Because, even though it's been 8 years, we haven't even started talking about the good stuff. Like the  2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) , the classified copy of which had said that Saddam was only likely to attack the US in self-defense, far from the jihadi madman Bush tried to portray.  Note here: Saddam was merely brutal, but rational, in a thuggish sort of way, no different than many of the dictators we had installed and supported throughout the years, like the Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos, and Augusto Pinochet.  Irrational would mean suicidal, and that is exactly what Saddam knew attacking the United States or passing weapons to those who would, would be: suicide.  The classified NEI said Saddam knew the "exposure of Iraqi involvement" would lead to his death.

So what did Bush do when he gave the NEI to Congress?  What any good schoolboy would do when confronted with such a problem to his main argument: He crossed this part out.  Problem solved.  The NEI "White Paper" which was given to Congress made no mention that Saddam, was basically a coward and not a threat.  Only the sharp-eyed Vincent Bugliosi, the famed prosecutor who put away Charles Manson, read both versions side-by-side and noticed this omission, to which he says, "We're in the big-time now, folks, big-time deception."

 Michael Collins of ScoopNZ wrote in 2008:

"The NIE delivered to the White House on Oct. 1, 2002 noted that the one scenario in which Iraq would attack the United States involved a U.S. attack on Iraq that threatened Saddam Hussein's survival...That was deleted entirely. The July White Paper was "complete" and sent to Congress as the evidence justifying the invasion of Iraq."

This is the smoking gun which puts the lie to one of the Neocons' favorite refrains: Congress was looking at the same intelligence.  Well, no, they weren't.

Bugliosi is at present trying to break through to the states with a movie project which has been effectively banned in the US, "The Prosection of George W. Bush for Murder."   Movie trailer.    Movie website.

We never found what it was Saddam could launch at us in as little as "45 minutes," but we sure have what look like permanent bases, an embassy the size of the Vatican, and sweetheart oil deals for American companies for the next hundred years.

So now we know why over 5000 of the flower of our youth died violent, brutal dealths, when they believed Bush that their country was in danger and rushed to answer the call, many right out of high school.  The point never made when the Neocons tease, "would you rather have Saddam still in place?" - is that 5,000 fine Americans would still be in place too.  We have our reason for why these Americans died.  And the answer is not a good one.

The Egyptians have taught us one thing: as long as the thirst for freedom and justice exists, there is hope.  Ask George Bush's flight booker.

VIDEO: 2008 Television ad which ran across VT, attorney general campaign to appoint Bugliosi as Special Prosecutor:

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