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As some of you might know, one of my clients is Jared Polis, who is running to replace Mark Udall in Colorado's 2nd Congressional District (Mark is running for the Senate). Many of you had a chance to meet him this past week at YearlyKos, and, speaking for him, he had a blast meeting !

He's very, very much in favor of net neutrality, whole-heartedly opposes the Iraq War, and if elected, he'd be both the youngest member of the Congressional delegation at 32, and the first openly-gay Congressman ever from Colorado. Jared has been involved with technology (particularly the Internet) and its applications from a very young age--his first company was an ISP in Chicago that he founded at the age of 13, he made his first million selling scrap metal in the former Soviet Union over the `net while in college, and made even more money with companies such as Blue Mountain Arts (e-greeting cards) and Proflowers.com (flower delivery). In addition, Jared's been highly involved with educational issues--he served six years on the state board of education, and established several public charter schools which serve the Latino community and underserved communities.

Udall's district is very Democratic, so this is one of those cases where the primary will decide who represents the district in Washington. He has two opponents: Will Shafroth, who comes from the Colorado equivalent of a Philly Main Line family or something equally preppy, and the current State Senate President, Joan Fitz-Gerald.  

On the flip, we'll talk more about this.

Shafroth is a nice guy who's been looking to run for office for a long time--he has no deeply held convictions that anyone can see, and if he's elected, he'll be a decent enough Member who will likely go on to lead the Caucus of the Obscure, and not achieve anything remotely worth remembering.

Fitz-Gerald is your traditional main-line establishment politician. She's a state senator from Jefferson County, and she runs the Senate with an iron fist. Essentially, the folks that gave us 12 years of Democratic ineptitude are the folks who are backing her. If you love John and Ken Salazar, and you hunger for the kind of bold, visionary leadership that they provide, you'll simply adore Fitz-Gerald.

Anyway, here's the deal. I'm running outreach for the campaign--both online and offline. We're going to be doing many of the things that Ned Lamont did in CT--having worked for Ned in that campaign, I learned at the feet of some great folks, and I want to put that tutelage to great use. We're going to be involving both the state and national netroots at every level, and I'll be looking for your help and input at every stage of the race. Wanda James, our manager, ran Jay Fawcett's race in the Colorado 5th last year, so she's someone who knows what kind of power you bring to the table.  

We're starting out slow here, though. First up is a logo contest. We have a very boring logo, and since I'm a bit of a design snob, I'd like to replace it with something more snazzy. That's where we and the members of our communities come in.  

What we need is a logo--a brand, if you will. Something that says that this is our campaign to change the tone of politics in Washington, and bring to our nation's capital the kind of bold, innovative, progressive policies that we need.

You think CBS, you think of the Black Eye.

You think New York, you think of the Statue of Liberty.

And when you think of political campaigns, you immediately think of overwhelming amounts of stars and red and blue.

Well, we're not your mom or dad's political campaign. We're different. We think different, we act different. So we need a different kind of logo--and that's where you come in.

The contest deadline is 8/19. The winner, besides getting their design plastered all over god knows what, will receive all the free shwag they could ever want from the campaign, credit for the design, and wait for it--$200 in hard money. Runner ups get $100, plus all of the above. We're big believers in compensating folks for their efforts.

It's an open contest for an open campaign--anyone can enter, you don't need mad design skillz. We're big believers in an open campaign, so that's why we're doing this. There's also a bonus--there's absolutely no chance that Celine Dion will nuke your ears.

So, good luck! And let the contest begin!

To enter the contest, go here

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