• There was nothing even remotely trollish about my post.  You are engaging in ratings abuse.

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    If Obama picks a Republican,  I will not be able to vote for him.

    Re Sebelius:  she has no international experience and doesn't know the ropes in DC.  I really feel that Obama needs to shore up his foreign policy credentials and she brings nothing to him.  Plus, choosing her would be a gratuitous slap to 18 million Hillary Clinton voters since Sebelius has nowhere near the same experience as Clinton.

    I could support Biden, Dodd and even Bayh, but I think Hillary would make the best VP of all.  

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    As a matter of fact, I'm backing Hillary Clinton.  I will vote for the Democratic nominee in November because any Democrat will be heads above John McCain on health care and on judicial appointments.

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    Oh, yes indeed!  Health care needs to be on the top of the domestic agenda and we can't let it slip away again!

    I'm really glad that the CNA is so out front on this issue.  Thanks for the diary and for your hard work.  

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    Oh, God!  I'm actually embarrassed for the man!  Never have I seen a presidential candidate look so out of place, so out of his element, as this one...except, of course, for Chimpy McDumbshit.

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    his intellect and his grace comes our way.  

    Thank you, Randy Pausch.

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    I'd really love to see Al Franken beat Coleman!  Really, really, really!

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    900,000 plus Jews who were driven out of Arab lands after the Suez crisis?   Their property was confiscated and they have have had no compensation.

    We don't hear much about them these days.

  • In your mind no doubt there are no anti-Obama voters who aren't racists.  

    As in your mind I am like Harriet Christian.

    As I now recall, I gave up discussing anything with you because of your race-baiting.  My bad for forgetting.


  • I am not a PUMA, but some of my best friends are PUMAs.

    I am voting for the Democratic nominee and opposing John McCain.

    Nevertheless, I understand and share the sense of outrage that is behind the PUMA movement.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with "narcissism."

    It has to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton and her 18 million voters were treated like dirt by the DNC and were shafted by the Rules and Bylaws Committee.  Just imagine the scene if Obama had won Florida and Michigan and his votes were NOT counted...and then superdelegates proceeded to give their votes to Hillary Clinton, allowing her to take the nomination.   Just imagine if some of his Michigan delegates were taken away and put in Hillary's pocket!  Add that to the despicable media sexism that was tolerated by party leaders and to the toxic environment of the netroots, and you will get an idea of why some Clinton supporters are furious.  The continued piling on by bloggers does not help, especially when it is accompanied by race-baiting as illustrated in this diary's comments.

    If Obama supporters really seek unity, then I would suggest that they get behind reform of the primary system and start speaking out against sexism.  I think that would be a lot more helpful than continuing to insult Clinton voters.

  • Ah, the race card!  Always handy to advance the discussion....

  • This is a website dedicated to opposing Michael Savage and his vile gong-show.

    Hate Hurts America keeps track of hate speech by Michael Savage and then informs his advertisers of what is being said under their sponsorship.

    This is their mission statement:

    Hate hurts America by eroding our country's great traditions of religious and cultural tolerance and mutual respect. Hate-filled words can and do lead to violent actions.
    Hate Hurts America is a non-partisan interfaith and community coalition formed by a wide base of religious and civic organizations in an effort to address the rising problem of hatred against American minorities.
    While hatemongers have a First Amendment right to spew their hate speech, Americans of all backgrounds also have a First Amendment right not to support hate speech.
    The best way conscientious Americans can stop supporting hate speech is to ask responsible companies to pull their advertising dollars from hatemongers.
    We therefore call upon companies to withdraw their advertisements from "The Savage Nation" and other hate filled media shows as a concrete demonstration of support for the American traditions of religious and cultural tolerance and mutual respect.

    Canadiangal, thanks for the diary and if you feel like it, add a link to Hate Hurts America.

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    How I wish we could re-elect Al Gore!

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    Thanks for the live video.
    Anyone having trouble with the volume?
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    Do you think that if Obama is elected the Democratic Party will
    actually go forward with primary reform?  Somehow I doubt it.

    On the other hand, if Obama loses, I think there will be major teeth gnashing and hand wringing which will lead to a hard look at the process which led to his nomination.

    But as I said before, I'm voting against McCain and for the Democrat.


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