• The video has been taken down.

    Now let's hope she goes down in the primary.  What an insufferable piece of dirt!  

  • Thank you for spreading the story on this despicable woman.

    I emailed EMILY'S LIST last night and am glad to learn that they condemned the ad.  That they would endorse this woman in the first place is very disappointing.

    If she wins, it will be a victory for the hate mongers.

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    He has a despicable record on women's rights and everyone should know about it before casting their vote.

    As for calling out sexism, when you have a spare minute you might address the issue of sexism that lives and breathes right here.  
    Calling supporters of Hillary Clinton "skanks" seems real popular on MyDD.  

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    if you want to talk about what he called his wife, then write a diary about it.  You are just trying to derail the discussion.

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    you who are a blogger whom I truly respect, please tell me what you think about diaries that use sexist language to inflame and derogate?  It seems to me that this diary contributes nothing more than fuel to a fire that everyone is trying to extinguish.  Clinton supporters are NOT fully onboard with the Obama camp and diaries like this one make the jump even less inviting.

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    that you would find this diary of value considering the extremely offensive and sexist attacks on Clinton supporters.  I see no productive value to it whatsoever unless the goal is to further inflame and insult.  

    Calling Clinton supporters "skanks" is no different than describing Obama supporters with a racial slur and then telling them to get a sense of humor.

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    and others are celebrating it!

    And all under the guise of "honest reclamation of what we all support together."  I guess that reclamation includes misogynistic, locker-room language aimed at women who support Hillary Clinton.   And if they don't like being called a "skank," well, they're "humor impaired."  

    Way to go!  

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    You are too cute by half.   Pat the poor little dears on the head and tell them they just don't understand your linguistics.   How patronizing.

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    Is there something about the definition of "skank" that you don't like, spaceman?  It is such an ugly word, isn't it?  That must be why you gave it a zero, to hide it from view.  

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    Skank is a slang and pejorative term used in English to describe a certain type of female. [1][2] The term "skank" differs from that of "slut" in that whereas the latter implies only sexual promiscuity; the former also implies poor taste, personally degrading behaviour and low socioeconomic class.[citation needed] Also used as slang for lower class female that is dirty or not presenting herself well. Other skank behaviors can include being obsessed with celebrity lifestyle and emulating it. In recent years "Skank" (or "Skankster") is also used in some parts of the U.K to describe unappealing individuals of either sex with habitual poor personal hygiene, most notably long-term drug addicts; a usage in some ways harking back to its original application. Originally denoting a bad smell[citation needed] or a filthy surface[3], "skank" has come to refer to someone who is physically repugnant for their filth, and figuratively applied to someone who is morally or socially repugnant for their behavior and demeanor, most often sexual conduct.[4]


    This is supposed to be funny?   So much for party unity.

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    Such a pleasure to see.

    However, I won't be donating to any Democrats until I see how the convention is handled.  I am going to wait and see if the party is going to give Hillary Clinton the courtesy of putting her name in nomination.  If she and her supporters are treated with respect, then I'll be much more favorably inclined towards down ticket races.  

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    My observation was perfectly civil, but some juvenile posters just can't tolerate an opinion that differs from theirs.  

    I am not impressed with Sebelius, ergo I'm a troll.  

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    But virtually unknown outside of Kansas.  
    Popular she may be, but that doesn't flesh out her resume.
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    polling bias in the other direction... meaning voters who say they are for Obama but don't really mean it.  

    Obama needs to get on the attack and do it STAT.  

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    Remember the Republican Convention of 2000 and what  was aptly described in the NYTimes as "the Republicans exercise in minstrelry" ?

    The African-Americans and Latinos being paraded across the stage at the Republican Convention are intended to give a hip, multicultural feel -- and dispel the pervasive notion that the G.O.P. is largely a party of, by and for white Americans. But subtract the minority props -- the break dancers and the gospel choir and the beaming schoolchildren -- and what you have is the same ultra-white party that shocked many Americans' sensibilities at the 1992 and 1996 conventions. The deluge of black and Latin faces on display in Philadelphia is deceptive, given that the party's delegates and senior managers are as white as they have ever been.

    Sounds like more stagecraft to me.  Hide the real face of your party in the basement and pretend no one will notice.


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