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    I was waiting for you to come around and hide-rate my comment.
    Nice to see you.
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    No, I will never vote for McCain.

    But, if California's not close, I may not vote for president.  Or I might write in someone else.  

    Yes, we will need good luck no matter what happens.

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    If it's Sebelius, I'll be very undecided about my vote all over again.
    She has no international experience at a time when we are in two wars; she has no experience with national-level domestic issues.

    Obama needs a VP who is seasoned and knowledgeable.

    Please not Sebelius!

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    I just realized you were joking....

    Takes me a while sometimes.

    Here's a bouquet!


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    It's NOT the "Democrat Party!"  

    This is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!   The "Democrat Party" is a perjorative started and disseminated by the Republicans in order to demean and disrespect Democrats.  They have used it so frequently and consistently that now some Democrats have adopted their meme.  

    Please edit your Diary and I'll send bouquets your way.

  • job for the unity train.  Taunting and name calling is a great way to attract new voters.

    But then you already said you don't care...

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    it's Edwards' behavior that is the problem.  He couldn't keep it in his pocket and he lied about it.

    I don't give a rat's what he does in his private life, but this is the reality of politics in Puritan America.  Unless, of course, you are a Republican.  

  • Thank you for checking, Mike.  That was cool.

    Now what?  Well, put her name in nomination and allow her delegates to represent her voters.  Everyone will cheer.  Then the next vote will be held and it will be unanimous for Obama.  Everyone will cheer.  The crowd will roar and the party will be united and live happily ever after.

    What's so bad about that?

  • when people start stating facts instead of suppositions.

    Pardon me for correcting the record.

  • Um...Mike...

    Did you miss the part at the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting where Obama got ALL of the "Uncommitted" votes, even though some of them were certainly for other candidates who also took their names off the ballot?   Did you then also miss the part where the Rules and Bylaws Committee gave Obama some of Hillary Clinton's earned delegates....took them away from her and gave them to Obama?

    You must have been out of the room on a bathroom break or tying your shoe when that happened.

  • Don't forget to further antagonize Clinton supporters.  Be sure that they are dissed and shouted down and marginalized.  It's a great way to do the job of the Republicans.

    Now please, toddle off and claim your McCain points.

  • Jake Tapper from ABC News has summed it up pretty clearly:

    If Hillary Clinton's name is not placed in nomination it will be

    The first Democratic convention without a roll call vote since President Lyndon Johnson ran unopposed for reelection in 1964.

    Wouldn't you think that the first female candidate to come so far in the race to presidency would be due this courtesy?

    Many in the Obama camp think not, but I think it will be a grave mistake.  If the positions were reversed, do you think Hillary would be justified in denying Obama's name to be placed in nomination?  Hardly.

  • He made his name on Fox News reporting on the Whitewater "scandal."  Early in the primaries he subbed for Clinton-hater Ed Schultz and I happened to hear this show.  It was absolutely breath-taking how Shuster slammed Hillary up and down and sideways....I wondered how he could report to his day job on MSNBC after such a verbal assassination.

    I never pay the slightest bit of attention to what this hack says because he is a partisan to the core and not a respectable journalist.

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    No one wants a president who can't respond, who can't fight back, who hasn't the self-respect to stand up for him/herself.

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    Obama needs to humiliate McCain, smack him back in the chops and let the world see what faker and hypocrite he is.  

    The high road leads nowhere in American politics, I'm sorry to say.


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