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    that Donna Brazile said that if Hillary won the nomination by virtue of the superdelegates, that Denver would burn.

    That was really, really classy.

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    I think  Donna Brazile ruined her brand during this primary.

    Sorry, but I am not really interested in what she has to say these days.  No offense to you you, the diarist, I'm sure you posted this in good faith.  I just can't bring myself to be interested in what she has to say anymore.  

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    that I left DailyKos and it was gchaucher2 who wrote a diary about it.  I had been there for eons...had a user number in the 3,000s.
    I'd love to move on as well, but I have no real "home" in the netroots now.  

    My main interests right now are preventing McCain-Palin from seizing power and reform of the Democratic primary system which brought us this mess.  

    In the meantime, I'm going on vacation for a few days and hopefully that will renew my spirits.

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    mistreated, and were sometimes mistreated, during the primary.  When a person is attacked personally, it stings in a way that is not easily forgotten.

    It is also true that the netroots was extraordinarily harsh on  Hillary Clinton and, by extension, on her supporters.  All, or nearly all, of the major blogs on the left were pro-Obama  (DailyKos, Atrios, Huffington, Josh Marshall, Americablog and others.)  Clinton supporters were either hounded out of those blogs or left because they were unable to express their support for this historic candidate without being trollrated and mocked.   I was one of them, I know.  A good portion of these supporters have not returned to their former homes in the blogosphere and will be unlikely to do so.  

    Certainly there were uncivil Clinton supporters.  Some of them are still uncivil, as a matter of fact.

    There was only one winner in this race, and it was your candidate.  Obama  supporters still have their online homes.  Clinton supporters, on the other hand, not only lost the race, but lost their longtime communities in the  netroots.   Therefore, as a matter of strategy, I would not talk too much about how you felt attacked by Clinton supporters because they will have many more stories to tell you about their experiences and then it evolves into a schoolyard brawl with cries of "Well, what about me!?"

    Again, your reasoned comments are appreciated.

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    Thank you.  Thank you very much indeed.

    Yes, my comment was snarky, probably passive-agressive, but I stand by it.  Many of the Obama partisans who ran roughshod over Clinton supporters, especially on blogs like DailyKos and, to a lesser extent here,  trumpeted that Obama didn't need Clinton supporters to win and that it didn't matter if they ran off angry.
    Now that the situation has been turned on its head, I couldn't help but wonder if those unnecessary Clinton voters were suddenly back in favor.

    It wouldn't hurt for these loudmouth firebrands to reflect a little on how their behavior did terrible damage to the party.  Some of them are still hell-bent, it seems, on continuing a battle that they have already won.  Some of them are still posting here.

    I remember those slights and I'm still pissed about the way Clinton Democrats were treated by the netroots and by the DNC.  Really pissed.   It was never about hating Obama for me.  I just didn't (and don't) think he is the best candidate the party could have fielded.  

    Nevertheless,  I have made my peace with reality and will vote for him.  No way will I vote for McCain, especially with that dreadful and dangerous VP he pulled out of his, er,  hat.  

    Anyway, I appreciate your reasoned comments.

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    I'm not voting for a continuation of Bush's policies.  I'm voting for Obama.  Or maybe you think Obama doesn't want my vote?  

    Your comment to me demonstrates precisely why some Obama supporters are his worst enemies.  Your unbridled hostility, not to mention your vulgarity, do the Obama campaign great discredit.


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    Hillary Clinton voters now?  

    More than once or twice, Obama supporters on the blogs triumphantly claimed that he didn't need her voters.
    I wonder if they have snapped out of that shit.

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    Caucuses are exclusionary and anti-democratic.  Caucuses attract party activists (like folks who post on blogs like this), but are inhospitable to everyone else.

    There is nothing democratic about caucuses and they should be eliminated ASAP.

    Whether Clinton supporters pushed for these reforms earlier or later  is totally irrelevant to the matter at hand.  The system is either democratic or not.  

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    Remember when it was cool to "look for the union label?"

    As consumers, this is an important way to honor labor throughout the year.  

    In above all, look for  "Made in USA,"  a label that is becoming all to scarce.  

  • is urging a vote for McCain.    However, everyone there, including myself,  is outraged at the undemocratic primary process that the DNC fostered and everyone is enraged at the party leadership who nudged the election away from Clinton and towards Obama, ignoring the popular vote and Obama's weakness in the battleground states.  

    My hunch is that most Clinton devotees will come 'round in time for November.  Some of it will depend on how they are treated in the meantime and whether the Obama camp in the netroots and in the party leadership continue to vilify them and dismiss their legitimate concerns about  primary reform.  

    There are a number of Clinton voters who don't think Obama is qualified to be president and these voters can only be reached by Obama himself.  He has to show that he has the strength and the fortitude to implement a  specific, detailed agenda.  

    Let's hope that he makes a good start on this tonight.

    My trigger finger gets pretty itchy sometimes, too.  These are emotional times.

  • I'm an independent AND a poster on this board.  The "we" referred to the board.  

    I quit the Democratic party when the party became undemocratic, i.e. after the egregious Rules and Bylaws committee meeting which shifted votes around as though they didn't represent the will of the voters.

    I do care what happens in November.  That's why I'm not voting for McCain.  

    Thanks for your "concern."

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    What happened to Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania..?  I thought they were key swing states?  Are we only going to look at the "new" map that the party is counting on?  

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    Yes, it was an excellent line.
    But I can't help thinking that what this convention really needs is Ann Richards, may she rest in peace.  She would know how to fire up the crowd.
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    Claire McCaskill was first elected to the senate in 2006.  Give her a little time before stating that her road to the presidency has been blocked.  Most freshly elected senators wait until they have at least a full term under their belt before running for president.

    As far as I know, Barbara Boxer has never shown any interest in running for a national office.  


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