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The following is an amateurish (for the love, in this case of America) response to the attacks of the G.O.P. on the media, the media failing in their Constitutional duties of doing investigative reporting, Democratic disunity, and the "conspiracy of silence" thereof.

  I don't know the techniques of politics. I'm as informed as I could reasonably be. I'm not sure about the risk-ratio in politics. I'm imagining a concept in politics that may go, "always make sure the desired possible outcome(s) outweigh the risk(s), risk little to achieve the desired outcome when possible, and use Common Sense." While that may be totally wrong  terminology, the difficulty seems to be the fact that the risk is now greater than it has been, the uncertainty of  the risk being "worth taking" due to poor information-gathering strategies and dispersal, and fear. I believe that what is at stake now is grossly underestimated. The extreme rhetoric propagated by the far-right in the media goes on ignored and condoned. What needs to be recognized are the true origins of the rhetoric. To give you an example of underestimation from the preceding: a senator said once that the Democrats were denied participation in certain meetings of the dominating party. What prevented Democrats from demanding their constitutionally required participation by walking into the room and sitting down with conviction? My grandfather fought to eliminate the rhetoric being used by the far-right. Therefore, if you watch the link below, remember that Americans have already made sacrifices so we could be free of the discrimination allowed by "Faith-Based Initiatives."      Finally, I have two more suggestions: 1). Respect the Office of the President. By this, I mean as supporters of the Constitution, you focus on issues of intense debate rather than throw in red herrings of personal attacks. You can't afford to change your own subject(s). Also, respecting the office of the President is respecting the Constitution, which they have been attempting to alter.2). Know that the general religious base of the G.O.P. is very sensitive. Call them on their actions, never be indirect by using name-calling. Consequently, personal criticism of their beliefs rallies and strengthens them. They frame everything as attacks on their religious freedom, which they define as their "religious-right" to change everyone else's beliefs and be punitive when they don't. When they falsely redefined secularism as a religion, they were already plotting to do so for at least two decades. This overall phenomenon I speak of can only be witnessed by seeing them as a group. To quote Martin Luther King, "A lie cannot live."

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