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    I'm confused:

    Clinton goes on air the day after NC and ID and tells us that she's more electable because "hard working white Americans" vote for her more than Barack.  

    Yet Obama is the one making this about race?  I'm baffled.

    P.S.  Exit polls show 4 in 10 Clinton supporters say race was a factor (and that doesn't even count the Bradley effect). So...

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    Two wrongs make a right?  Neat!

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    extremely well said.

    I used to come here for awesome political analysis.  It really went south after Bowers and Stoller left.  Thats not necessarily a potshot at the people who are left (I think Jon and Todd do some great work) but this is just sad.

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    MyDD may have just jumped the shark with that one.

    Comparing a non-blue dog democrat to Bush is like a subset of Godwin's law.  And that applies to Obama fans as well, for what its worth.

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    Now you're just not making any sense.  You posted initially:

    "I don't care about the fucking Supreme Court.
    I don't care about Iraq.
    I don't care how bad Obama will lose.
    Because I am absolutely alienated."

    So how does your sarcastic remarks about my high horse make any sense?

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    Well thats an amazingly patronizing response.

    I find it deeply ironic that you expect me to "get over it" with regards to friends dying in the war, the gov't embrace of torture, and the massive corruption of the past decade, yet at the SAME TIME, you should be allowed to pout about how mean people are on the internet and decide not to vote because of your perception of someone's character.

    Sure, that makes sense.

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    So being hectored online by a bunch of people and a dislike about the personality of presidential candidate is enough to make you stop caring about the defining issues of our generation?  Wow.

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    well said!

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    So you really think she will still win this thing, huh?

  • "Thanks to mydd members, it seems we showed them how to be a bit classy today."

    Giggles and points at black pot.

    (and that was general snark, not to the author specifically)

  • My word! Are you implying that HRC engages in sophistry?  No way - she always speaks the plain truth.  God bless her...or is it God blessed her?

  • thats hilarious.

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    It also helps that the media has flipped around and has decided to push process stories about Obama a bit more now.  Not saying Clinton deserved getting all of it, but there's been a pretty decisive shift since Hillary first complained about it.

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    Due respect Todd, but its not like Hillary doesn't have off-message problems from people inside her camp. So deep inside her camp, they actually are married to her.  And thats not counting other mistatements by Ferraro, Rendell, etc. etc.

    If the difference is "saying something dumb directly about the candidate they support", thats a slightly different story. I'd argue the major difference is that Obama has such comparatively stronger message discipline within ranks compared to Hillary who has been so all over the place with message that everyone knows about the internal civil.  Because of that, any off-message comment is enhanced for Obama.  Particularly so when its on a favorite issue of the media like Wright.

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    What's the point of your argument? And Jerome's a "shill" or, as I would say, biased supporter, of Hillary.  So are you it appears.  Saying ANYONE has an unbiased argument on electability is just plain silly.  The fact that both sides (see how I admit that) easily manipulate hard numbers, its ridiculous to even try to argue about how is being "honest" in the electability argument.


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