• Matt...

    Sorry, but I have to say this is a very shallow and sensationialized analysis.  I'm too tired (and quite frankly, too ill thanks to the midwestern weather) to go into the specifics, but this is just sloppy anecdotal evidence with a hyperbolic title.

    Jennifer Granholm is helping to destroy the internet?  Since when?  Since when has she shown ANY advocacy for the current bill?  By my memory, there is none.

    You blame the figurehead, and not the republican legislature in MI that has pushed this through.

    We don't know what Granholm will do at this point.  I'm sure she (and her staff) are taking others' -- and your -- concerns about the leglistation to heart for the sake of solid policy.  But to warrant that Granholm is "helping to destroy the internet" through anecdotal evidence in Pennsylvania policy is outright ridiculous.

    I care as much about net neutrality as anyone in the blogosphere.  But this diary does you no favors.




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