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Hey folks,

I'm a Cdn observer of this, the most important public enterprise in the last 4 decades.  I just rec'd a disturbing email from a friend of mine in Denver.  She wrote:

"At 5:01 pm this evening, November 1, 2004, I received an automated phone message "informing" me of my polling location and encouraging me to cast my vote "for the Democratic Party" AT A COMPLETELY WRONG POLLING ADDRESS. This message purported to be from I've called this valid organization and they say they are NOT the source of the message.

"I am in Precinct 811 in a predominantly minority neighborhood and I am a registered Democrat. The polling location the message directed me to is on the other side of town. If I were to have believed this message I would have wasted my day tomorrow trying, unsuccessfully, to cast my vote or at best being forced to vote on a provisional ballot and thus be excluded from all city and state races and initiatives.

"I have a filed a complaint with a voting watchdog organization; I've also notified of these details the Colorado Democrats organization who say they have alerted their lawyers. I suspect many people in predominantly Democratic areas of Colorado received similar messages tonight as this appears to be high-level, orchestrated fraud apparently intended to disempower Democratic voters in minority neighborhoods.

"The message, which I have saved, is very "professional" sounding and mimics the rhythm and construction of other "get out the vote" messages we have all become painfully familiar with this season -- even the voice sounds oddly like a Clinton impersonator. A reverse lookup suggests that the call sourced from Portland, Oregon but the number is not valid and only rings a quick-busy signal."

Not sure what to do with this information, but thought it warranted posting.


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Getting the word out
Your friend might want to call the local TV and radio stations with this as a news tip, so the word gets out for the 10pm news (about 1 hour from now).
by jonweasel 2004-11-01 06:02PM | 0 recs
Re: Getting the word out
Apparently the local TV stations weren't interested...big surprise.  There might be something on it in the Post tomorrow.  
by pseudoDionysius 2004-11-01 06:05PM | 0 recs


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