Sacrifice the way

Sacrifice the Party for the Good of the Country...No Way

The functionaries  of the Democratic Party, yes that includes Democratic US Senators, Democratic members of the House, Governors and all the way down to local Democratic club officers are united in putting their Party allegiance ahead of  their allegiance to what good for the country.

They know, perhaps better than most, that the whole of America is on a collision course with disaster. And they know, perhaps better than most, that the enormity of the problems facing the Country are too large to be addressed by any one segment of the political community; be that Republican, Democrat or other.

Winning is not essential to problem-solving, governance is essential.

Let us look at the political landscape if the Clintons win again. It will look fundamentally less coming together and more grid-locked that when Bill was president.

It is a demonstrable fact that Hillary will be more polarizing than Bill.
And, Bill did not receive a majority either time. In neither of his wins in the General election to become President did he reach 50%.

His inability to bring about real change (or hardly any change really) was blamed on the relentless attacks from the right. Whether this charge is true or not, the record speaks for itself: no health care reform; a punitive and Republican styled welfare reform; signing away American jobs via NAFTA;
failure to head-off further blood-shed in the Middle East and in particular to address genocide against the Kurds; you can add your own examples I know.

But what about the economy stupid! As a card carrying Ph.D. in economics, I must confess that only attention given to weather is there more talk about something over which we have less control. When economic forces are with you, anyone can claim credit and when they blow the other direction, no one takes the blame. This fact remains: when good things happen in the economy, seldom is it due from explicit action and on the isolated times when there appears to have been a connect between explicit policy, the cause and effect are years apart. The huge increase in the deficit during Reagan's presidency (resulting from the combined "policy" to cut taxes and dramatically increased defense spending) was the real hero for the performance of the economy during the 1990s; Bill can take the credit, which is his way, but he did little of consequence for the economy one way or the other,

For whatever complicated or not reasons, given the chance the Clintons always exaggerate their achievements and minimize their part in failed policy.

Give them counseling but don't give them the keys to our future.

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Hillary Was Framed

Political labels: the language that divides us

There was a time not so long ago, at least I so believe, that political labels were primarily used as a short-hand reference. For example, "The conservatives supported the substantial increase in the Defense Department funding bill  but the bill was opposed by the liberals."

More recently, however, political labels have become code words with hidden meaning. Would you rather be seen as soft on defense or as in favor of a strong military?

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It's about more than a slap-in-the-face

The back and forth between Hillary and Obama has legs because it is about more than a slap-in-the-face. I believe it will, in hind-sight, be a defining moment and both camps know it. As the record will clearly document, it started after the YouTube debate. Hillary believed she saw an opening and, not one known to hold back, fired away with her charge that Obama's answer to the question re: meeting with unfriendly world leaders was both "naive and irresponsible." Anticipating a reaction from Obama, the Clintonites were smuggly ready to attack the Obama response as an abandonement of his different kind of politics claim.

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Which Democratic candidate will Unite Us?

Are you on the side of Uniters (like Obama) or Dividers (like you know who)? The exchages this week between the two candidates and their camps created an opportunity to push forward the question: who is the Uniter in the Democratic Presidential? One has spoken out about the need to Unite this country.

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Since when are there now "4" Democratic Front-runners?

At the Democratic Presidential debate tonight, the front-runners have been placed at the center of the stage with the others placed as book-ends. So who gets the prime locations? Hillary, Obama, Edwards and newly promoted front-runner...Bill Richardson. Luck of the draw or what? The last day I looked (this past friday) Richardson was at 4%. That put him 9% behind Edwards who is in third place at 13%. Richardson's 4% put him much closer to Biden & Dodd at 2% each. Any thoughts?

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The Richardson/Clinton Connection

In major horse races like the Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby and in international and invitational track meets like the Olympics, it is common for teams to be entered. By entering as a team, it become possible to devise a strategy to enhance the chance of winning.

For example, one member of the team sets the past (typically referred to as the "rabbit") while another member of the team tries to "force" the field wide and then the designated "finisher" tries to close on the inside and win for the team. (Hence, the expression to `have the inside track' means the best opportunity to win.)

It is common to have presidential campaigns referred to as a horse race; who goes to the front early, who is wide in the turn and who is coming up from behind. This possibility of teaming up to enhance the odds of winning might help explain why there are so many candidates in the field who appear to have absolutely no chance of themselves getting the nomination.

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What's up with this. Democrats pushing the fired attorneys story.

I mean if we democrats are working (or should be working) to improve the lives of all Americans with particular attention given to those with the most needs and the least resources. And while Americans continue to die in Iraq, we have elected democrats with time apparently to waste on one group of republican attorneys bickering with another group of republican attorneys.

Truly,  I DON'T GET IT

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Mother's Milk Ain't What it Used to Be

A prediction: although contributions to presidential candidates will set an obscene record in 2008, contributions will simultaneously  reach  a turning point and will increasingly becomes less important in determining the outcome.

The first sign of this surprising turn-about will be visible folllowing the release of the March 31 reporting numbers. Although the Clinton money machine will produce a staggering amount of cash, it will fail to produce the desired result. Namely, it will not have driven out the competition. Obama and Edwards will take the news of her haul in stride.

Waving a huge wad of cash in the face of your opponent will no longer guarantee victory. In this election and here-after, to win, it might become necessary to rely on things you cannot buy: character; integrity and vision.

Sorry, but Mother's Milk Ain't What it used to be.

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