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    I am 64/w/m; I have 1 wife, 2 young children (13& 9); I receive social security disability because I have Parkinson's. I have donated 1,000+ hrs to Obama and rank in top 50 users of MyBO. I received my Ph.D in Economics from the Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, CA.  I taught for a number of years at Whittier College (Nixon's) where I met Geo McGovern; I was awarded a Post Doc at Brookings in Wash. D.C. ; I was staff economist in '77 % '78 for then Sen McGovern. I was the Democratic nominee in the old 33rd CD and lost to David Drier in 1982. I watched Adali Stevenson and Estas Kefauver on TV in '56 when I was 13. I worked for JFK in 1960 when I was a senior at Ravenswood High School in East Palo Alto, CA. One of my best  friend's parent were relocated to internment camps because they were believed to be more Japanese than American. I pray to be proven wrong but I fear another Great Depression looming. Don't give me all the  old Clinton excuses...seems they did ok at least  for themselves. And all you office holders, and special interest groups instead of playing hard-ball with me...just show America how people are going to rally around the Clintons after their election and why people can be expected to behave that way. I lost my first wife and baby daughters to an accident more than 30 years ago...I am fighting for my country, for my two living children and my two other children (who daily give me their blessing to keep doing and keep going) so any thought you might have about me leaving you alone you can forget about. Love your Country...if the Clintons really ldid that would discontinue their campaign.

  • You'r right...once Hillary got in the ring, Obama had two choices. (1) throw in the towel; or (2) join her in the center  of the ring. My diary in essense was that Obama was awarded the first round by all three judges.

  • Exactly

  • I am arguing that it is not going negative; I nowhere say it is going positive. I do say that it is high-lighting real differences between him and Hillary.

  • You know that Obama continues to assert that her position is warmed over Bush-Cheney: he believes it, I believe, lots of people believe. Just because you don't believe doesn't make it gone negative.

  • Eye of the beholder...right? I certainly would not call this gone negative; I call it clever and accurate as well.

  • Exactly...but you know it's hard not to check in once in a while...call it audacity of hope, the sequel.

  • Sorry, I must have missed something. By gone negative you mean what exactly. When I think, gone negative, I think of intentionally mis-stating an opponents position. Where exactly have you seen or heard Obama do this?

  • Let's see how things change in a couple of weeks, now that the Obama campaign is turning on the juice.

  • I know this is the Clinton line, but if you look around nobody is buying it. As they say, it doesn't resonate. Besides, I don't believe that Obama or his campaign ever implied that he would be the "turn the other cheek" candidate.

  • I know what you mean about Axelrod; I saw him with Wolfson on Hardball. But after giving it some more though, I though, no he is a fresh contrast to the likes of Wolfson. His very non-sleekness is actually an assess. Besides, Obama is still the chief strategist/campaign spokesperson and they don't come any brighter or better.

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    Wake up 'areyouready' you're day dreaming. How else coulld you come up with this fastacy diary. As for early signs, I think you already missed most of them. But they took place in the past six months when you were dozing. The Obama troops and money are now in place. And then it was wait quietly until  Hillary was well inside the trap. Then, get ready, get set, go. Now let the fun begin. Spend the money, tell the story, hit the streets...get back to me in September and let me know how you and Hillary are doing. Until then, you can still dream about what could have been..

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    I see that HRC's hired guns are out in full force spinning away. It's a dirty job but I guess it helps pay the rent. I say, give'em a break...they must feel like s**t at the end of the day.

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    Just read an article in the Washington Post re: Hillary's remarks at the annual meeting of the National Council of La Raza.
    And she highlighted her close relationships with prominent Hispanics, including Sen. Bob Mendendez, D-N.J.; her campaign manager, Patricia Solis Doyle; and Dolores Huerta, widow of activist Cesar Chavez.

    Isn't Richardson a prominent Hispanic and a very close friend of the Clintons? Why did he miss the cut? Care to speculate?

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    You wouldn't guess it from the posted comments but the majority of voters in the poll believe such a deal is possible. Sorry all you HRC folks but a majority believe your candidate will do anything to win. Not much your constant blogging can do to change that.


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