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    You put into words much better than I likely could something I have felt for some time now.

    Well done.

  • Try the koolaid.  ;)

    Seriously, I don't agree with you on some of the issues, but I think it is majorly cool that you've decided to join this blog, and I look forwarded to a lively discussion.  The diversity of opinion here is one of the reasons I choose this site over some of the more trafficked ones.


  • I think the economic argument for universal health-care is indeed compelling, but I would be for it even if it were not.  For me, it is a moral issue.  I just don't think we should live in a world where anyone receives insufficient medical care simply because of financial status.

    We fund police departments out of tax revenues, and expect them to provide for the safety of ALL citizens.  When you call 911, they don't ask for your insurance policy number.  Why should health care be different?

    My girlfriend's family is from England.  I've seen single payer UHC up close.  While not perfect, it is FAR better than the mess we've created here in the USA.  Brits pay less per capita than we do and get better care, without all the fighting with insurance companies over denied claims.

    I've had conservative friends try to scare me with horror stories about 'socialized medicine'.  I usually end up laughing out loud.  I HAVE insurance, but I would trade it in a second for England's UHC even with the higher taxes we would need to pay for it (assuming I can drop my overpriced insurance premiums as part of the deal).


  • As both a home brewer and an open source enthusiast, that link is much appreciated.  :)  Thanks!

  • Hell, do y'all really don't notice how hypocritical this sounds, and how this reminds people of the same old same old dirty plays in politics?
    How does this go together with the reformer image of Obama???

    This is hardly a suprising move.  It is not the first time a state has been sanctioned for not following the primary rules, and not the first time a nominee has seated a sanctioned delegation in a symbolic symbol of party unity.  Many many people (including me) predicted this is exactly what would happen.  It was expected, and Obama would likely have gotten even more grief had he NOT done it... in fact I suspect he would have gotten grief from many of the same people who are giving himn grief for doing it.  There is just no pleasing some people when they've gotten into their head to hate someone.

  • If the rules had been followed, none of the MI delegates would count.  Their primary was declared invalid when they jumped the schedule.  But of course this has all been hashed over a million times, and even seating according to the 'vote' wouldn't have changed the outcome anyway, so this is not worth arguing over.

    You have two choices in november.  You either vote for the candidate that will continue the neocon agenda and run the country right into a second Great Depression, or you vote for the progressive candidate that agrees with Hillary Clinton on almost  all of the major issues.

    I assume I don't have to spell out which one is which.


  • Who exactly is he poking in the eye with this?

  • I think you are right.  The polls are all basing their numbers on turnout models from previous cycles, which completely ignores the massive voter registration drive that is at the heart of Obama's strategy.  Turnout is the single largest thing that can throw a poll off, and Obama's massive grass roots volunteer strength has the power to really make a difference there.

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    We've taken lots of 'before' pictures of the warehouse.  We are now busy with cleaning, sandblasting, repairing... the solar panels go up in a few weeks.  I'll probably do a post then, including some before and after shots showing work in progress.  The really fun bit will be the 'greenhouse'.  We are taking the fire damaged roof off of the old boiler room and replacing it with a massive greenhouse style skylight.  The boiler room will become a sort of indoor courtyard full off tropical plants and vegetables.  It will include a large water filled thermal mass that will be heated with active solar panels.  Hopefully that will hold and radiate away enough heat to keep the greenhouse warm even through winter nights.  The thermal mass will be disguised to look like an early mesoamerican structure, a theme we will carry through the rest of the greenhouse/courtyard.

    As you can probably guess, we are rather excited about the project.

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    It is always an open invite, so if you find yourself in Milwaukee on the Saturday before Halloween, be sure to drop in.  I'll likely post details on my usual forum hang-outs as the date approaches.  This will be the first year in the warehouse (previous parties were in a retired funeral home), so it should be fun.  We go all out with the decorating.  For example, one year the theme was time travel, so guests entered the party through a full sized mock-up of the doctor who TARDIS police box (including the console room on the other side).

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    Well, since we are sharing bio's here...

    I'm a 40 year old computer geek living in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Like many here, I was shook into political awakeness by the nightmare that is the Bush presidency.

    I'm also a bit of an urban hippie (as is my girlfriend).  We recently bought on old industrial warehouse (a brownfield property) that we are renovating into our living and office space.  We are doing it green, with solar panels, rooftop gardens, and even a greenhouse in what used to be the boiler room.  We hope to be a showcase of urban sustainable living.  I keep promising to blog about it but can't seem to find the time.

    My birthday is on Halloween, so I throw a kickin' costume party which has morphed over the years into an annual food drive for the local Hunger Taskforce.  It just sort of happened... people would ask if they should bring snacks or beverages, and I already had plenty, so I started telling them to bring canned food for those in need.  Now I don't even have to mention it, people just know that the 'cover charge' is some sort of food donation.  :)

    Thats me.

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    Perhaps if you said it like: 'being for Clinton and ALL she stands for IS being for Obama' I might have picked up on it.

    I can be a bit dense sometimes.  :)


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    Yes, if you support Clinton and her goals, you should follow here lead and support Obama.  I'm in 100 percent agreement on that.  Did I phrase something poorly in my post that gave a different impression?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Actually, I think DKos is more moderate than many claim.  In poll after poll, we find that public oppinion tends to hang more to the left on most issues than what the common wisdom considers 'the center'.  Certainly, DKos is a progressive blog and thus left of center, but it represents a wide range of views within the progressive spectrum and is hardly the 'radical left' blog that the wingnut pundits like to label it.

    From where I'm standing, the real division was more about party process... bottom up grass roots activism vs top down DLC traditional party leadership.  The DLC sometimes leanes more to the center on issues, perhaps giving the impression that DKos is 'more to the left', but as a grass roots driven blog, I feel DKos is more in tune with popular sentiment than the DLC leadership.  If that was not the case, the DLC candidate might have won.


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    No, the advice is not to 'do nothing', but you also should not actively work against your own best interests... and if you are a Clinton supporter, helping elect McCain IS working against everthing Clinton stands for.

    You work to improve the party via the primary process.  If you see flaws within that process, there are ways to be active within the party to fix it.  The ONLY way to get the type of Democratic party you want is to be ACTIVE in the party moving it in that direction.  If you think something as unfocused as 'punishing' the party by electing more neocons will somehow yield the changes you want... I suggest you think it through a bit more.  It could just as easily send the party in a direction further from what you want.  It will certainly send the nation down the tubes.

    Need I remind you that McCain's economic advisors are the architects of our current economic fiasco?

    Are you aware that his foreign policy team contains some of the worst neocon supporters of the Iraq mess?

    Do you think it likely McCain will support anything like real UHC?  Or is it more likely Clinton will use her leverage with Obama to get her plan adopted (it wasn't so different from Obama's in the first place).

    Who do you trust to push a truly progressive energy policy?  The one that has adopted the Edward's 'green jobs' policy and supports Energize America legislation, or the one that gets support from oil company lobbyists.

    I could go on and on.


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