More Evidence of McCain's Character

Since many people want to attack Obama for the company he keeps, let's talk about McCain.

He just canceled a fundraiser put on by Clayton Williams, a texas oil magnate who bundled more than $300,000 for McCain.  This, after McCain somehow "just discovered" that Williams is a mean-spirited, sexist, asshole.

Back in 1990, Williams made the following comment about Democrat Ann Richards, his opponent (and the eventual winner) for Governor of Texas: He would "head her and hoof her and drag her through the dirt" like roping a cow.  

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What would make you vote for Obama?

This is the first diary I've ever written here, mostly because I don't usually have much to say beyond a few sentences.  But since we are all supposedly Democrats and progressives here, we need to refocus.

I assume we all want Democrats elected to the White House and Congress.  I assume we would prefer those Democrats be liberal and progressive.  I assume most of us hate George W. Bush or what he has done to this country.  I know it is dangerous to assume, and I know there are undoubtedly Republican trolls here that don't want any of the above things.  But I also assume that almost all of us have already decided if we are voting for McCain or Obama.    

I think there is still a very small chance that Hillary could somehow get the nomination, but let's pretend for the moment that Obama is the nominee.

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