Rasmussen:Clinton falls at 35% nationwide

Well , at least we know her slippage on the national level is real and can no longer be ignore which leads me to believe the intance attacks by the Clintons every day on Obama.

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NYT:Hillary in trouble in Iowa?

The NYT is reporting that about 60% of Hillary's support in Iowa are "new" caucus goers who never caucused before.

The article lets it be known that many rank and file likely caucus goers arent backing her and this is why this race is extremely close right now.

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/us/pol itics/18dems.html?hp

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Booing at the debate

Chuck Todd of first-read has a very interesting analysis  on tonight's debate and there's something he wrote about that really caught my interest.

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Is Giuliani really the GOP shoe-in nominee?

I understand why some may feel Hillary is very likely to win the democratic nomination , but after taking a strong look at Giuliani's national and early-states poll numbers , i just do not understand why he's tagged as the candidate most likely to win the GOP nomination.

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