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    Glad to see Richardson going on the attacks against Hillary...I hope he continues to bash her....If Obama is smart , he would jump on this to try to blunt Hillary's attack on him and hope to make it a big issue.

    I guess Hillary couldnt promise Richardson the VP seat so he decided to attack her.

    Also , you could be something about Richardson deciding to attack Hillary....Maybe his poll is showing her sliding...Why wouldnt Bill attack Edwards who's suppose to be polling the nearest to richardson?

  • I dont think anyone should even pay any mind to this story until the enquire magazine can prove it.

    The Enquire saying Edwards had an affair is not enough.

    Now , i must admit that after reading their story , i came out with the impression that there is a bit of smoke here...There are certain things about the story that do make John Edwards looks bad including his friend and the woman.

    The fact that this woman is being sheltered ad acred for by the suppose to be baby's daddy , but this baby's daddy has a wife who knows about it and kids...This sound a bit funny...

    There are other stuff that surprised me , but i still dont think the Equire should run with this story unless they have some solid damning evidence.

    I have heard that they do have those solid evidece ad are waiting to release it for maximum impact , but until they show me they have it , illl have to ignore them for the time being.

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    reash from the past...This stuff was already diaried here at least twice.

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    The fact that they have McCain ahead of Romney should tell you right there how trashy this polling firm is...It just seems like they are just writting those numbers out without any interview or anything.

    Im sure the Edwards supporters would like this poll showing their candidate at 18% in Iowa...Theymay be right on this front since some of my source in Iowa are telling me Edwards may be unviable in many urban area where there's a heavy doze of delegates to have.

    They also tell me his support is clustered in the rural part , but Edwards will not support if he finishes third in most of those urban area because those areas are delegates right.

    The Des Moines area will basically be a fight between Obama and Hillary.

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    I love listening to Ed...He's great and is very fair to all candidate....If you have a problem with Ed , then something is wrong with your brain.

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    I had a conversation with a friend of mine in S.C and i asked her why isnt Obama not getting many white south carolina democrats to support him in those polls and she said Barack is paying the price for how Jesse Jackson ran his campaign in '88.

    In other word , to those white democrats , Barack looks too much like Jesse and Jesse campaigned on the notion that "every black people should vote for me" in '88 and i guess many of them did not like the polarization.

    The fact that he has the endorsement of Jesse may hurt him.

    Those white voters just does not trust black candidates and Obama is paying the price for it....If he could get a bit more support from white voters , he would be running away with S.C.

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    I m 100% sure most Iowans have heard about  the attacks on Obama's health care plan and i doubt he will lose any more vote for it....His demo is the 17-50 demo..the 50 and over are the oe that cares the most about health care and Obama does not get as much support among them....Those older voters that are already in Obama's side probably aren't backing him because he has the best health-care plan.

    What Obama and Edwards supporters needs to understand is that most Iowans who supports Obama supports him on feelings , not issues and history has proven that inspirational candidates tend to do better then the policy wonky guy that has great command of every issue.

    Although i think Obama has to be more scripted and get better command of the issue to balance out his candidacy , it is clear that Iowans arent supporting him based on experience , issues or policy wonkiness.

    I still dont think Obama should ignore those attacks and he should respond , but i doubt you will be able to pull away someone who supports him because Baracks makes him or her feel good about America.

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    My sources tells me a new Iowa poll wll be out sometimes tomorrow.

    I wont give up the poll numbers out of respect for my sources.

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    I was very respectful and my argument was very warm toward DesMoineDem.

    I happen to like her and all the insigh about Iowa she writes here , but sometimes , many of us would agree she drinks too much of that Edwards's kool-aid...Maybe it's the fact that Edwards has been living in her state for 7 years and she sees him all the time.

    I just want to help her be less unbias when talking about other candidates because it can really put off others as tagg her as just another partisan maniacs that think Edwards is jesus christ.

    Anyway , i like DesMoineDem a lot but sometimes , i think she should just stop drinking the Edwardian Kool-aid juicy juice.

  • Obama only responded to Edwards's criticism ..He did ot just do it for no reason...Edwards was the first one to challeege him,,,So this idea that Obama has started attacking Edwards because Edwards is surging , is complete B.S.

    Only the Edwards's internal polls shows him not i third place...Every other polls shows Obama and hillary pulling away.

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    i dont know you're being angry..Al im saying is that your claim that Obama will be wiped out i those town is false....No need to get upset.

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    Ive made a very warm and contructive argument against desmoinedem's anti-obama post.

    For example , desmoinesdem claims that Biden and Richardson will run better then Obama in her precinct and she also seems to suggest that it could be the same in many western town in Iowa....Keep in mind Richardson nor Biden havent reached double digit in a while now.

    Maybe all the richardson supporters just happens to be clustered i desmoinesdem's precinct...Desmoinesdem says he only sees one Obama supporters in his area...When he calls people on the phone , Richardson gets more support , according to her.

    She also claimed that she's getting the feel i other precinct that Obama will be wiped out in those areas.

    I call this bullshit.

    The only polls that have shown Edwards not in third place is his internal poll and the IA poll who never polled Iowa before....This same Iowa poll had Obama beating Edwards once the screen was tighten.

    Desmoines argument is that those Obama supporters are mostly young 17-24 college people , but polls after polls have shown Obama dominate the 25-45 demo...Obama's problem's seem to be amongs the above 60+ year old....

    I will predict record breaking number of people caucussing in the democratic primary...I strongly believe that it will not be dominated by the very old.

    Obama's townhalls are filled up with middle-aged folks and if they can come out on cold weather now , they will do so in on january 3rd.

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    Desmoinesdem - I think you are living i fatasy world and im plain tired of your 'Edwards is coming back" narrative you'd been pushing here.

    Im also tired of your ' Obama can not even get more support then bill richardson i my precicnct"....Yeah right...Obama has bee polled i the high 20's everywhere.

    I think it is your boy Edwards that will be unviable in many urban precincts.

    Your boy is not even leading among the "2004 caucus attendees"...Althought rasmussen shows a close race is you only poll the folks who actually attended the 2004 caucus , people like you always made it seem like Edwards was going to get the majority of those folks to caucus for him and Hillary/Obama would have to depend on people who never attended a caucus before.

    Even among the "certain to attend' caucus goers , Obama leads which contradicts the claim that the Obama people are less certain to come out.

    If we have very bad wheather , it could actually beefit Obama since his people are more ceratai to attend.

    The Hillary and Edwards folks are 90-100 years old and im not sure those old people would come out on below zero degree.

    Edwards is done...This is between Hillary and Obama...I expect may Edwards supporters to join Obama so we can beat Clinton.

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    How about young take a blood test to show the enquire magazine that the child is indeed his and this would completly take the heavy load off Edwards.

    They should make a deal..Young should ask  for a million dollar if the child is found to be his , not Edwards and the enquire should shut downn their door for good.

    The fact that Young and the lady rejected the patternity test will only raise suspicious , not calm anything.

    Ive heard from some Edwards supporters how Obama's muslim ties could hurt him in the general , but now , you could make a strong case that as long as the enquire story is not completly proven the lady's baby is not Edwards's , this story will stay alive and you better believe the GOP will make sure it is part of the general election.

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    I would not trust the enquire magazine since they are mostly a gossip magazine.

    Ayway , rasmussen has Clinton leading by 3-4% , but Obama leads among the "certain to attend" caucus goers.

    Obama also leads among the "2004 caucus attendees" which is a huge blow for Edwards since his supporters kept suggesting that he has the most experienced caucus goers who attended in 2004...

    Keep in mind that this is at least the third poll which shows Edwards does not have any edge among people who participated in 2004 caucus.

    The only good news for Edwards is that he leads among 'second choice' BUT Obama is not far behind.
    Edwards 28
    Obama   23
    Richardson 15
    Hillary 15

    this poll may showHillary with the lead , but the fact that she's STILL doing so poorly among second choices is a big problem.

    The narrative of an Edwards rise is just bullshit.

    Hillary and Obama seems to start pulling away from him big time.

    Ive heard how when you tighter-screened polls favors Edwards , but polls after polls have shown that the tighter screened poll , the better it is for Obama.


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