• There is no doubt in my mind that the real reason there has not been another hijacking in America is not all the security and barefeet at airports, it's what happened on Flight 93.

    I'm not a brave man, nor a very big man, but there is no way in hell I'm going to ever let any plane I'm on go into a building.  I'd rather crash into a field trying to regain the plane than ever just sit there and listen to what I'm told.  Decades ago, we were all told to do what we were told and we would survive.  That's not true any more.  

    And this proves it.

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    At the close of your post you stated sarcastically "Must be great news for Republicans!"

    Actually, I think it actually is pretty good news for Republicans.  Any rational person should be in favor of a robust public option.  Thus, Obama's plan should be in the 70% approval range on this issue.  Yet he is only at the 55% range.  This points out just how easily the American people can be snookered by a rather well oiled Republican propaganda machine.

    They should be proud.

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    I agree completely but I think now it's time to take on this editorial from the opposite perspective.

    I have little doubt that there is a story out there on how British or French or German doctors came to the rescue of some Gorilla or other animal.  Someone with the resources needs to find it.

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    How about Jimmy Carter appointing Volcker to run the Fed?  Then allowing that agency to allow interest rates to scream up.  Thus ending inflation.

    Unlike what Nixon did to end inflation -- price and wage controls.

    Or what Ford did, create WIN buttons.

    Carter essentially sacrificed his Presidency for the destruction of inflation.  He did it and now Reagan gets all the credit.

    (I know the Fed is "independent".  But I am not so naive as to believe the President cannot manipulate that agency.)

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    ..as if those lowish numbers are due to her not being Republican enough, and only if she were a bit more Republican, her poll numbers would be higher.

    Frankly, I think her numbers will never go up among Republicans no matter what she does, and I think her numbers are lowish among Democrats is because she seems too meek in helping push Obama's agenda.  So if anything, she needs to be even more "Democratic" than she has been.

    As for her values, that's just Republispeak.  It has no relationship to the reality.  Unfortunately, this applies to a lot of people in the country.

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    As time goes on, McCain appears more and more idiotic and dangerous, yet the race is still close.  

    There can be only one explanation.  Numerous people don't want Obama in the White House for some other reason than intelligence, logic, sanity, safety, etc..

    So when you have so many people like this, the McCain camp realizes that they don't need to be logical and honest nor consistent.  All they have to do is give these people a pretend reason to vote for McCain.  Since all these people want to vote against the other guy anyway, the pretend reason can be effective.

  • on a comment on Sarah Palin is Spiro Agnew over 5 years ago

    Your contention that Obama has no executive experience is preposterous.  He created an enterprise that took on the Chicago machine and won.  That machine wanted the other guy in the Senate.  And that machine is famous for it's power.

    He created another enterprise that took on the Clinton machine and the DLC and again won.  This enterprise meets ALL the definitions of a moderate to large business.  And we all know the power of THAT enterprise.

    And he created BOTH of those enterprises from scratch.  In Alaska, Palin was governor of an enterprise that is designed to accommodate all kinds of extremes in the leadership skills of the CEO (Governor).  States MUST continue to exist even if the person who won an election is an idiot, and even if that person who won that election is brilliant.  The infrastructure is there for all possibilities.  (Though I think it's clear from the Bush administration, that if you are the CEO long enough, you can destroy nearly any infrastructure.

    So Barack creates a phenomenal enterprise from scratch and creates more than one phenomenal success story and Palin walks into a pre-built enterprise, and Palin is the one with all the wonderful experience?

    By your measure, Palin has more experience than McCain!

    (My apologies, I accept the fact that you probably don't really believe this foolishness that Palin has all this experience, and that you are simply passing along the latest talking point from your employer, the RNC.  So, I'm sorry.  But please, can't you people make this at least somewhat credible?)

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    With the hurricane coming this suggestion might not be as effective but how about putting signs on all the mens room doors in public areas:

    Warning: Be careful with any foot movement.  tThe Republicans are in town.

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    There is zero doubt in my mind that the word presumptuous is EXACTLY a euphemism for uppity.

    Now, making this point is not the place for a gentleman like Obama, nor for those directly in his campaign.  

    But it is absolutely beyond me why pundits on the left don't start such a discussion.

    And on my browser, misspelled words get a red underline.  I'm sick and tired of the fact that both Barack and Obama are still red underlined.  Yes, I know, I can add them to my dictionary.  But there comes a point when I shouldn't have to.

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    I saw Rush on David Letterman a good 20 years ago and Dave asked him if he really believed all the garbage he spouted.

    Rush smiled, looked Dave in the eye and said:

    "Dave,,,,I'm an entertainer....Just like you."

    Everyone laughed.

    This film clip is probably still in analog format on some shelf in New York or wherever.  I'd love to see it show up on YouTube.

  • on a comment on Busting The False Equivalence over 6 years ago

    And I agree that this is the wrong conversation for Obama.  It would lead him down a line of questioning that would be a waste for him.

    I meant that this point be made by surrogates.  This is how the Republicans work.  Yes, I know that Democrats are not as good at "dirty tricks" like the Republicans, but I don't really see this line of argument as a dirty trick.

  • on a comment on Busting The False Equivalence over 6 years ago

    So you are saying that when a city's high crime rate plummets because they have an extra 45,000 cops on the beat, then the crime problem really has been fixed?  This is absurd.

    The only true measure of whether the surge has worked is if progress can be sustained after we have left Iraq.  And if the surge really has worked using that yardstick, then why aren't ALL the troops on the way home now?

    There can be only one answer that fits.  The surge has not resulted in a sustainable drop of the "crime" rate.

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    I think it essential that we start talking about how the surge HAS NOT WORKED.

    This is McCains only talking point lately, yet he is wrong.

    If a city has a high crime rate, a surge of cops onto every street corner will cause crime to plummet.  Does this mean that the surge fixed the crime problem?  Yes only if the cops stay there forever.  (100 years anyone?)

    Same thing in Iraq.

    When the Republicans come up with a talking point they want to get out, they hand that talking point out to everyone from Brit Hume to Dana Perino and maybe even to Bruce Willis.

    Wouldn't it be great to get reality based talkers making this comment about the crime rate in cities?

    Easy to understand, short and sweet, and it tells the truth that the corporate media wants to hide.  But if these talkers just used this analogy over and over, eventually people might notice.

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    Arnold is such a misogynist that I always found it peculiar that Maria stayed by him.  then it struck me that her independence and assertiveness was always an act.  Now with this announcement, it didn't damage that conclusion, it strengthened it.  

    You see, Arnold, in order to keep his career as a Republican had to go with a Repug, so he went with McCain.  But he figured if he had his wife go with Obama, it might more than cancel his going with McCain.

    And this way, Maria can continue her act as the strong willed independent that she has been cast at, and Arnold can further his career better.  So Arnold told Maria that he would go with McCain, and she would go with Barack.  And she said yes dear.

    Seems to me, Arnold has a better chance of getting a high powered job in an Obama administration than in a McCain one.

    Win win.

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    I think the right wing is now very sorry they got ABC to show "Path to 9/11". Prior to that film, there seemed to be a Gentlemans Agreement to not assign blame. But they blew it. Now talking about those 8 months where the boy king went on vacation is fair game.


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